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Keith Rohmann

Richmond, BC - Canada








Keith Rohmann

Richmond, BC - Canada

Keith Rohmann - Fine Artist

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About Keith Rohmann

Born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada in 1962, Keith grew up in a beautiful little town called 100 Mile House just a little further northwest. His love of nature started when he was old enough to go outside with his family, and never diminished through living in the Cariboo, Kootenay, and Peace River regions of Canada's western most province, until his eventual arrival in the lower mainland, where he now resides in Richmond, with his wife Sandi.

Keith's passion for photography goes back to when he was a teenager and was lucky enough to receive a 35mm camera for Christmas from his parents. Now his inspiration comes from the amazing amount of nature that can be found in a large city, and the incredible experiences he has shared with his family. He also counts himself lucky to have a job which sometimes includes travelling through British Columbia and Alberta.

'Growing up and being fortunate enough to go on many adventures, I was raised to respect nature, and along with avoiding large claws, teeth, horns, and antlers...try to disturb as little as possible. When I'm hunting down a subject with my camera or simply appreciating something I see, I have no intention of getting involved or upsetting the part of nature I am enjoying. But when a baby chickadee, just out of the nest, lands on your balcony rail, with all it's brothers and sisters, then walks right over and on to your hand, just what are you expected to do? Well I take pictures and then let them go...just like the two swallows who flew right into our living room and got tangled up in our curtains. What I truly love about nature photography is putting in the work and time to get animals or birds to trust you. I don't use a big camera with a three foot long lens (at least not yet) because I still enjoy crawling around and getting close and personal. I don't believe photography comes from the comes from the eye, and having a good eye is part gift and part luck. Hopefully I can get close enough to share some of the incredible moments I find myself in.'

Keith considers these moments of natural beauty to be rare gifts rather than moments which just pass by, and hopes you take the time to browse the galleries and enjoy them too.

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Majesty by Keith Rohmann


Curious Red-Tailed Hawk by Keith Rohmann


Fiery Sky by Keith Rohmann


Moraine Lake by Keith Rohmann


Northern Sunrise by Keith Rohmann


Coopers Hawk by Keith Rohmann


End Of Day by Keith Rohmann


Mute Grace by Keith Rohmann


The Chasm by Keith Rohmann


Northern Rest by Keith Rohmann


Grackle by Keith Rohmann


Caribbean Sunrise by Keith Rohmann


Dragonfly by Keith Rohmann


Puma by Keith Rohmann


Butterfly by Keith Rohmann


Moonscape by Keith Rohmann


Island Sunset by Keith Rohmann


Autumn Sky by Keith Rohmann


High Peak by Keith Rohmann


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly by Keith Rohmann


Mallard Wing by Keith Rohmann


Pleased to meet you by Keith Rohmann


Sand Hill Crane by Keith Rohmann


Mother and Child by Keith Rohmann

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