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Keith Straley

Cocoa, FL - United States








Keith Straley

Cocoa, FL - United States

Keith Straley - Fine Artist

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About Keith Straley

I need an updated profile pic. Now if only I could get IN FRONT of the camera ^_^

I never know what to write here (yeah, I know how unoriginal that sounds)

I'm Keith, 26, father of 2 awesome kids, and part of a very unconventional family. I live with my best friend/ baby-momma in a spit of a town not too far from Cocoa Beach. I'm a flaming liberal from a very conservative background and that tends to show a lot in my artwork.

I'm a relatively new artist, I started drawing last May and painting last November. Most of my stuff is more therapeutic than anything else, as taking my first drawing class coincided with a huge change in my life and subsequent decline in my health. I've found that I'm sorta decent-ish at creating artwork, and it has helped me a lot in coping with a lot of things. I listen to A LOT of music, and often a line from a song will inspire me to paint/draw/sculpt something whether it's related to the whole song or not, so many of my pieces have titles derived from song lyrics. I've learned a lot technique-wise lately, and am trying to find my personal style; I hope to make a career out of my artwork at some point, in the meantime I'm a home-maker who paints :P

Feedback is greatly appreciated, but go easy, I'm still a noob :)

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