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Kelly G

Ventura, CA - United States

Kelly G - Fine Artist

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Kelly Gosselin was born in Santa Monica, California but only a few months later, her family moved up the coast to Ventura where she has been ever since. Her love of art blossomed at an early age and she has been pursuing it steadfast, never questioning which path she would take in life and always looking for an opportunity to create. She has been volunteering at Sespe Elementary School and with the Ventura Power Squadron for nearly 10 years now and recently started working as a freelance artist and designer. She hopes to have her own show soon featuring the series of Lowbrow inspired paintings she has been working on. She is attending California State University of Channel Islands and will be graduating with a BA in Studio Art in the fall of 2011.

I have always wanted to be an artist of some sort. My work has been about escaping into another place. When I draw, paint, design, or build, I always look at the result and ask myself if it represents it’s own world. Does it feel like I could jump into this painting? I even find myself talking to myself, as a character from the world I am creating and I know that when I am doing this, I have accomplished my goal. It is that desire to create a whole existence with one piece that has driven me to have great attention to detail and a knack for realistic representation.
As for my Out of Context series, I have grown weary of painting generic pretty things and politically correct class assignments for the sole purpose of a compliment. I have been increasingly inspired by cartoons, porn, humor, horror movies, and the Lowbrow art scene to depict personal experiences, memories and people of my life. I have been told I have a “trailer trash” obsession. I paint in acrylic as it suits my tendency to paint very rapidly and reflects an illustrative cartoon-like style. I would love to paint things that inspire an emotion that the viewer feels wrong for feeling. I don’t always know what my paintings are about till I am finished, but there is always an initial spark of emotion that greatly influences my every decision and detail. I enjoy listening to viewers decipher their own meaning about my work because it brings them from my personal experience to a shared experience.

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