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About Kelvin James

By Caesarina Paul

Thirty two year old Kelvin James hails from the picturesque town of Portsmouth in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. Having grown up with both parents, and being the eldest of nine of their children, Kelvin can be defined as an extremely grounded individual. Throughout his growth, he served and continues to be seen as a great source of inspiration to his siblings and peers.
Kelvin’s artistic interest was whetted from a tender age when his mom drew a picture of a woman, while his dad drew that of a cargo ship on an exercise book mainly for Kelvin’s amusement. Seemingly, his parents must have already recognized his creative spirit and curious gazes at the Caribbean Sea which served as his back yard view, and sought to nurture that, by encouraging him to embrace his local environment. To date, his home community is characterized by a large port where many a cargo boat can still be spotted. No wonder he could create such a brilliant piece of artistry depicting an aspect of Portsmouth - his very home-town.

The artist’s earliest memory of any of his own work goes back to Elementary School when he drew the beautiful face of a woman with thick red lips and outstanding eye-lashes which won him many unforgettable complements from teachers and fellow students. Though Kelvin has no idea about the where about of his first real product, he recalls that later on in grade seven he bought his first water color set at a local store in the City of Roseau, while on a class field trip. That stirred requests from family and friends to get paintings of their faces, but to Kelvin, the painting of a “Hummingbird on a hibiscus flower” stands out as his first memorable water-color piece. Sadly its location is also unknown.
One must understand that in those days, there was hardly a role model for Kelvin as far as his growing desire to become a professional artist was concerned. However, while at High School, his encounter with prolific local artist Earl Etienne elevated his aspirations. Earl was in the process of painting the logo of the Purple Turtle Beach Bar and restaurant in Lagoon where Kelvin grew up.
Conveniently, Kelvin encountered Mr. Etienne again, this time in a more official setting. It was at the Portsmouth Secondary School; Kelvin’s alma mater, at an English Day when Kelvin entered an arts competition and won. Mr. Etienne who served as one of the judges gave the then young, aspiring, and winning artist an apparent simple, but sound advice; “Do not copy from published things, do your own thing”. This is a mantra Kelvin will never forget, and one that he chooses to uphold even today. Evidently, the young artist has complied with his mantra to date.

No doubt that long time advice still instructs his inspiration, for in creating a piece of art, Kelvin chooses color blend first, then the character of his painting which has to tell a story to him, or anyone else. Since he likes challenges, he seeks to put his own brand on things, as he gets ideas from anywhere and everywhere. For instance, the artist thought a painting with stoplights on a wet road where the colors would be outstanding. He then chose to create a painting which he dubbed “Il a plu a Mardi-Gras” since to him a wet road laced with color is undoubtedly beautiful. The genius of this artist as depicted here is undeniable.

Speaking of putting his brand on things, Kelvin’s artistry goes beyond his outstanding paintings. His propensity for sneaker shoes, love for the sports of volleyball and interest in basketball, triggered and today pushes his amazing ability to develop model-shoes as a pastime. His carving skills are employed in such creations. Though it is hoped that his models and carving skills will be recognized and harnessed, it is his love for painting that drives the young artist. Notwithstanding his capabilities, Kelvin who is an artist par excellence is still searching for his big break in this competitive industry.

The belief that, “there is a color-splash all around us” motivates Kelvin to do his job of creating a 2D (two dimensional) effect from the daily 3D images which color human lives. Thus, the manipulation of light, reflections, water and color by the self-taught artist is driven by a complementary conviction that, “every painting is a challenge and a learning opportunity.” He certainly embraces these challenges with every painting he creates.
Painting to the artist has a calming effect on his temperament, is therapeutic, and importantly, is seen by him as a gift to the world. A man who often paints from morning to midnight while defying physical hunger is a determined and visionary soul. This is definitely Kelvin ‘Artist’ James.
Kelvin James, passionately wants to make a career in painting, and has since created over eighty (80) original pieces. Thus far, he has been successful at selling many paintings. In 2013, the artist participated in the Annual Art Fair at the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, where his pieces were almost sold out. He was undoubtedly the most anticipated and talked about artist. Meanwhile, Kelvin continues to utilize Facebook and other social media to promote his art. He has also held at least one art-show, has done several commissioned paintings, and has satisfied patrons’ desires for custom-done pieces.

Though the young and growing artist does not own a gallery, he is currently passionately seeking representation.
Samples of Kelvin’s paintings can be found here Follow Kelvin the artist at kelvinjamesart on twitter, or on Instagram as kelvinartistjames. He can be found as Kelvin Artist James on Facebook, and or contacted at krjames06@gmail dot com. The artist awaits your interest.

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