Kenneth Browne - Fine Artist

Kenneth Browne

Brooklyn, NY - United States








Kenneth Browne

Brooklyn, NY - United States

Kenneth Browne - Fine Artist

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Born July 6th 1982 in the town of Hempstead, New York, I later migrated to Maryland and was introduced to the arts at the Maryland Summer Center for the Arts at Salisbury University. I attended Salisbury University receiving a BA in 2-D Studio under the guidance of Gary Brotman and Jinchul Kim. After graduation I moved to Brooklyn to study with Linda Francis and Ross Neher while earning his MFA. Recently I have been included in “New Contemporary American Realist Biennial” at the Fort Wayne Museum of art and had a solo show entitled “From the Crowd” at Bishop’s Stock Gallery.


My work would best be described as realism though it is also deeply rooted in narrative ideas. Using the narrative style I create cinematic scenes that focus on New York and the little bubbles that are created within it. These range from snapshots from the lives of people living in the multiplying condos to the bar scene to specialized niches like the underground world of burlesque. These ideas are being, or will be, explored in series' that are interrelated and develops a sense of familiarity with the different levels of New York.
The images are an over- analyzed documentation of small section of my experience within the New York scene after a night on the town. These images are developed from photographs allowing for an examination of every aspect of the different scenes to help better guide the development of the paintings. Each painting becomes a computation of the different photographs and drawings to create the experience close how the scene was witnessed or imagined. The places and people, who I meet and interact with on my many outings, become the sources for the paintings.
Having recently become infatuated with the New York Neo-Burlesque scene, I wanted to show my interest in the world. Starting with the performer’s confidence and excitement in their performances to their elaborate costumes became my inspiration for these works. Focusing on the performer and their costumes I started creating drawings and paintings from the perspective of the audience. The drawings focused entirely on the performer and her costume negating their surrounding while the paintings recreate the idea of them on stage.

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Miss Coney Island 2011 Orange by Kenneth Browne


Shakespeare by Kenneth Browne


Gaze by Kenneth Browne


La Petit Rouge Corvette by Kenneth Browne


Delysia La Chatte by Kenneth Browne


Miss Coney Island Purple by Kenneth Browne


Bea B by Kenneth Browne


Forging Sweets by Kenneth Browne


Candy Panther by Kenneth Browne


Sweet Tastes by Kenneth Browne


Caught you by Kenneth Browne


Lollypop Fields by Kenneth Browne


Interior Situation by Kenneth Browne


Soon to Remember by Kenneth Browne


Not like this by Kenneth Browne


Fall Rain by Kenneth Browne


Possiblity of an Island by Kenneth Browne


Miss Coney Island by Kenneth Browne


Rosey La Rouge by Kenneth Browne


Clams Casino by Kenneth Browne


Weirdee Girl 2 by Kenneth Browne


Lefty Lucy by Kenneth Browne


Lil Miss Lixx by Kenneth Browne


Weirdee Girl by Kenneth Browne


Bea B Heart by Kenneth Browne

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