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Kerry Smith

Seattle, WA - United States








Kerry Smith

Seattle, WA - United States

Kerry Smith - Fine Artist

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About Kerry Smith

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I create most of my paintings using a palette knife to place individual dollops of oil paint onto canvas. I call this style of painting 'Dollopism'. I use bold colors to create my highly textured paintings.

I'm naturally drawn to geometric patterns and paintings with a sense of order. On balance, I create many paintings that contain a blend of colors and are truly of a more abstract nature.

One of the wonderful aspects of Dollopism is that I can create paintings that can uniquely signify periods of time. For example, if you would like a special gift to commemorate a 10 year anniversary I can create a unique painting with 3,650 dollops or one dollop for each day of the 10 years. This painting would be 10 inches x 10 inches and cost approximately $225. These unique tributes can represent entire lives like the one I did to remember the 26,624 days of my Father's life.

If you need a painting to match your decor, I'm happy to work from photographs of your furnishings or paint chips to match your colors.

If you're looking for a unique painting please contact me about a commission.


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