Kevin D Davis - Fine Artist

Kevin D Davis

Phoenix, AZ - United States








Kevin D Davis

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Kevin D Davis - Fine Artist

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November 24th, 2010







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About Kevin D Davis

As a native of Phoenix, Arizona, I've seen many spectacular sunsets. Currently though, I am living on Whidbey Island, Washington which comes with it's own unique sunsets and other beauty. As I look around the world ..I strive to capture the world, to show you the world through my eyes, but also to touch and inspire you.

Art is defined uniquely by the artist and their perspective on art. K. Davis 06/29/13

The world is what I determine to be art. and the world is God's masterpiece. God has blessed me with my talent, and I intend to use it fully in His honor. After all he created the work of art in which we live in.. our beloved world.

My photography is composed of the subject matter seen through my lens..there may be times I will gray-scale a photograph to give it a vintage feel or touch.. though nothing ever drastic is done to the composition. If there be a drastic alteration, it will be noted in the summary of the photograph.

'I hope that you enjoy my work and may God be with you.'

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Each print is a limited run of 50 pieces, when the piece has reached 50 sales, it will no longer be available on the market.

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