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Kim Kruger

Eden Prairie, MN - United States








Kim Kruger

Eden Prairie, MN - United States

Kim Kruger - Fine Artist

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About Kim Kruger

I donít know if I was born to be a writer and photographer, but from my earliest recollections there doesnít seem to be a time when I didnít love taking pictures or penning prose and poetry. Perhaps thatís what led me to enjoy a long career as a journalist and television producer; the opportunity to put words to pictures and pictures to words.
This 30-year love affair has never been stronger, but is now growing in a new direction with the start of a journey into creative imagery. The photographs posted here are a reflection of my deep attachment to the world in which we live, and an attempt to document the visual miracles that surround us everyday. The late, renowned Ansel Adams once observed of his craft, ďsometimes I do get to places just when Godís ready to have somebody click the shutter.Ē Thatís the goal, and what keeps me pursuing my dream. Lord-willing, I hope to keep clicking shutters for many years to come, and sharing my imagery with you and others.

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San Juan by the Sea by Kim Kruger


On the Road to Salvation by Kim Kruger


Sunday Go To Meetin' Time by Kim Kruger


The Buggy Awaits by Kim Kruger


Moon O'er the Horseshoe by Kim Kruger


Watchers in the Wood by Kim Kruger


God Shed His Grace on Thee by Kim Kruger


Depot at Dawn's Early Light by Kim Kruger


Autumnal Glow by Kim Kruger


A Road to Somewhere by Kim Kruger


Fall Moonscape by Kim Kruger


Timeless Country by Kim Kruger


Fall's Stained Glass by Kim Kruger


Finis Coronat Opus by Kim Kruger


Tending to the Fallen by Kim Kruger


Side-by-Side Chevs by Kim Kruger


Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse by Kim Kruger


Solitary Sentinel by Kim Kruger


Water Beads by Kim Kruger


Nestled Amongst the Fungus by Kim Kruger


Oak Fencing by Kim Kruger


Something Sinister by Kim Kruger


Eyes on the Sky by Kim Kruger


Soul Shadows by Kim Kruger

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   |   Images = 133





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