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Kimanthi Toure

Pasadena, CA - United States








Kimanthi Toure

Pasadena, CA - United States

Kimanthi Toure - Fine Artist

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About Kimanthi Toure

Kimanthi is a self-taught artist that has lived & worked in Pasadena, CA for the last 10 years where she fills her life with creativity, family, friends and a quest for adventure. Born 1976 in Los Angeles, CA she is the oldest child of a blended family that consists of three sisters, three brothers and four parents.

She took to art early and fell in love with pre-school because of it. Throughout her childhood, Kimanthi developed an appreciation for art and culture from her mother who introduced her to the tastes of culturally rich foods, the innovation of small galleries and a variety of large museums. And she still remembers the majesty of theater trips that ranged from Shakespeare to Kabuki.

Her family has traveled across the Unites States by plane, train and automobile soaking up what the countryside and big cities had to offer. Growing up her second Dad was a carpenter that introduced her to building models, crafting, power tools and being an all-around handyman and gadget lover.

Because of an early diagnosis of dyslexia Kimanthi communicated and remembered through images and pictures versus the written word. Her childhood journals are more like scrapbooks that tell the story of her life through a collection of imagery from her doodles on scraps of paper from restaurant place mats and hotel stationary, ticket stubs, pictures, brochures and post cards that sparked her imagination and told her story.

She received her first honor for her artistic ability from the Daughters of the American Revolution in Jr. High School. Then was accepted into Young Peopleís Institute of Art and Academics High School because of her gifts in acting and written expression. Kimanthi explored those gifts and honed a broad artistic ability. Years of artistic expression made it clear from a young age that Kimanthiís life would be centered upon her passionate artistic vision and creativity.

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He'd thrown roses on my past by Kimanthi Toure


Tattered and Swift by Kimanthi Toure


Bathed in clay garden by Kimanthi Toure


When the sun doth light a storm by Kimanthi Toure


Mast on fire by Kimanthi Toure


I let go of the fish by Kimanthi Toure


Stark Streak by Kimanthi Toure


Kelp Takes Flight by Kimanthi Toure


Lady Sings by Kimanthi Toure


Innermost Belly by Kimanthi Toure


Blossoming Bark by Kimanthi Toure


The sunrise of my soul by Kimanthi Toure


Monsoon at noon by Kimanthi Toure


Firework diamonds by Kimanthi Toure


Intimate window by Kimanthi Toure


Flowers though my window by Kimanthi Toure


Bright Dark Skies by Kimanthi Toure


Bayou Mud by Kimanthi Toure


Gallery Framed by Kimanthi Toure

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