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Kiril Stanchev

Ruse, Ruse - Bulgaria








Kiril Stanchev

Ruse, Ruse - Bulgaria

Kiril Stanchev - Fine Artist

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About Kiril Stanchev

Kiril Stanchev is born in 1974 in the ancient and picturesque Danubian city of Rousse. He is a representative of the new generation of young Bulgarian artists who are trying to combine the beauty in the tradition of the old masters with the complex emotions of the present. Inspired initially by the rich cultural atmosphere of his own family, and particularly by his grandfather Kiril Stanchev Sr., one of the biggest names in Bulgarian art, Stanchev developed his style under the supervision of some of the best Bulgarian artists in the Sofia College of Fine Arts. According to him nature is the eternal source of the beautiful, it never stops to amaze our imagination and is the reason for his preoccupation with landscapes.

' Nature is boundless and there is nothing in the modern world even in the slightest similar to the feeling of owe experienced when faced with a mountain peak piercing the horizon and at the same time rushing down to reincarnate itself on the still surface of the resting sea. There is nothing like the flickering lights of the thousands of lives immersed in the magic of the city when encountering the first moments of the night.'

In his work the painter combines and juxtaposes light and shadow, matter and density, he studies in detail the specificity and harmony of the natural forms and manages to recreate on the canvass the meandering of his own moods and emotions.

' It is the very ambiguity and evasiveness of nature, the contradictory to the human mind dynamism and eternal stillness of its existence. An unattainable aim and unreachable destination, the never being of past and future, the simultaneous presence and absence. The short for inspiration or simply, nature? '

In the last fifteen years Kiril Stanchev managed to establish his name among the most promising Bulgarian painters and presented his work in a number of co-authered and individual exhibitions. His paintings are owned by collectors and galleries world-wide including USA, Canada, Australia, and most of the European countries.

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Dubrovnik Sunny Afternoon Panoramic View with The Harbor and old by Kiril Stanchev


Yellow field of Mullein with Pirin Mountains by Kiril Stanchev


Panoramic sea view of old Dubrovnik with the bay and the city wa by Kiril Stanchev


Colorful Sunset over the Mountain slope by Kiril Stanchev


Old Fishing Harbor on Black Sea by Kiril Stanchev


Saint Mark's Church in Zagreb Croatia by Kiril Stanchev


Jetty Port and Waterfront in Sirmione by Kiril Stanchev


Colorful Sunset in Budapest with a Panoramic view of the river D by Kiril Stanchev


The Tower of Scaliger Fortress in Sirmione by Kiril Stanchev


Budapest Panoramic view from The Gellert Hill with Danube river by Kiril Stanchev


The Castelvecchio Bridge in Verona by Kiril Stanchev


National Theatre in Budapest by Kiril Stanchev


Wind Generators over Blue Sky by Kiril Stanchev


Panoramic view of Dominican church of Sant'Anastasia in Verona by Kiril Stanchev


Lake Garda Panoramic Sunset View by Kiril Stanchev


Desenzano del Garda Marina Old Lighthouse Sunrise by Kiril Stanchev


Desenzano del Garda Old Lighthouse and a Lamp Post Sunrise by Kiril Stanchev


Small Peaceful Beach on Bulgarian Black Sea Coast by Kiril Stanchev


Verona Adige River view Toward Castel San Pietro by Kiril Stanchev


The Parliament of Croatia Facade by Kiril Stanchev


River Adige Panoramic View in Verona by Kiril Stanchev


Budapest Parliament Night Shot by Kiril Stanchev


Rusty Metal Net Texture by Kiril Stanchev


Sunny day in Balchik Harbor with a Colorful Rainbow by Kiril Stanchev

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