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Koro Arandia

Mettmann - Germany

Koro Arandia - Fine Artist

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Welcome to my web page on FIne Arts America and I hope you enjoy my paintings.

Painting has been a love and passion for as long as I can remember. Born near San Sebastian in 1962 I started painting at a very early age inheriting my love and talent for painting from my mother. At the age of 13 I won my first painting competition in a contest organised by the regional Basque Government for 11 to 18 year olds. I moved to Barcelona as a teenager to continue my education and in 1981 was accepted by the University of Barcelona for an art degree course. Whilst at university I helped organise several exhibitions of my and fellow students work.
After graduation I enrolled for further courses at other academies to study other aspects of art and painting. I believe that an artist should be able to communicate their ideas in all mediums and styles.

I moved to France in 1987 where I shared a gallery with three other artists and held a permanent exhibition of my works. My time was divided between France and Spain during which period I painted portraits of prominent personalities from the world of Basque culture and political life. These painting were exhibited in two sponsored exhibitions in San Sebastian and Bilbao. Other exhibitions took place in Barcelona featuring landscapes, portraits, flowers and Flamenco dancers.

From France I then moved to England where I was privately commissioned on numerous occasions to paint portraits but also studied at the local Art College to extend my knowledge of painting.

Now living in Germany I have undertaken many commissions for realistic portraits of people and animals.

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Toro valiente Courageous Bull by Koro Arandia


Weimaraner by Koro Arandia


German Shepherd by Koro Arandia


Dalmation by Koro Arandia


Airedale Terrier and Labrador by Koro Arandia


Summer Sunset by Koro Arandia


Schwarzer Wald by Koro Arandia


Autumn Mists by Koro Arandia


Autumn Sunrise by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 12 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 11 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 10 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 9 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 8 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 7 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 6 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 5 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 4 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 3 by Koro Arandia


Flamenco Dancer 2 by Koro Arandia


Libertad del campo by Koro Arandia


Spirit of Andalucia by Koro Arandia


Manada de caballos salvajes by Koro Arandia


Bay and Grey by Koro Arandia

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