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L A Ramsey Art

Murray, UT - United States

L A Ramsey Art - Fine Artist

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About L A Ramsey Art

L. A. Ramsey Art is dedicated to the artwork of the late Lewis A. Ramsey (1873-1941). [Note: all images of this artwork are still under copyright protection]. He was a leading regional artist of the Western United States in the early 20th century. Although he was born in Illinois and died in Southern California, he lived most of his life in Utah. Influenced by the French Impressionists and Romantic Realists of the 19th century, he developed his own style. He painted mainly portraits and landscapes, but also some notable religious works and still life.

Lewis showed unusual art talent as early as age 5. Through his talents in art and teaching he was able from a young age to finance his own art education. He received his art education in Utah, Chicago, Boston and finally at the Julien Academy of Paris, France, receiving high honors.

L. A. Ramsey was skillfully courageous in his techniques, his choice of subject matter, and in his use of color. Employing a practical form of cubism (the technique of creating a unique or wider perspective by painting from different perspectives), he created an appealing expansiveness in his landscapes. They could not be photographed in real life, yet were true to nature. This made L. A. Ramsey the choice of geologists with an eye for art. His landscapes were also carefully composed.

His portraits are dignified and rich, particularly those painted from life. They often captured the best of the person's character and personality. His portraits include many leaders and historical figures, Native Americans and family members. Later in his career, as art trends became more abstract, experimental, coloring more drab, and subject matter more gloomy, Lewis A. Ramsey remained true to his own cheery, rich style, which he loved.

He painted many landscapes of national parks, including Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite and is said to have painted the first paintings of Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks in Southern Utah. He also painted many seascapes along the California coast, mountain and lake vistas in the High Sierras, deserts, canyons and other scenes in Utah, California, Arizona, Hawaii and elsewhere. He also painted some still-lifes and animals, including prehistoric animals from skeletons for the Geology Department of the University of Utah.

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