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L Hammond

Lakefield, ON - Canada








L Hammond

Lakefield, ON - Canada

L Hammond - Fine Artist

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About L Hammond

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to paint and create. I just never got around to it. While visiting my Dad at the hospital, having our last words together, I will never forget what he said: 'Don't put everything off, just get to it'.
My interest is mostly in landscape and whatever crosses my path while traveling. I love to travel.
Sometimes it's a shape of positive and negative space, and other times it's a colour or texture that excites me.
After I study my subject, I like to work it out in my head. Sometimes I will do a quick water colour sketch. Then pick up my brush, layout some paint, and get to work; painting in layers until I have conveyed what excited me in the first place.

I work mostly in traditional oils, leaving one expressive brush stroke after another. As the painting develops I may pick up a stick or branch to add my final marks. I prefer to paint plain air. The sounds of the environment around me are the music I paint to. I find Mother Nature is a great gift. She never fails to excite my senses . (Well, when it is 40 below the comfort of a warm studio and some jazz are most enjoyable).

I wonder if a painting is ever truly finished. I like the viewer to be involved in discovering and determining what is there before them. I love to listen to the viewers comments, sometimes they may see something I never painted.

About Me
I have studied with many artists in Canada, USA and France.
I live in a beautiful place in Ontario, the Kawartha Lakes region, with My husband Lynn (best guy ever). If it wasn't for his support, encouragement and enabling, I wouldn't be painting. And of course Sonny, the best dog ever. Most of the time I think he is just like a perpetual 3 year old boy.

Lynda Hammond


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