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Lar Matre

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Lar Matre

Murphy, NC - United States

Lar Matre - Fine Artist

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About Lar Matre

Born in California near the middle of the 20th century.

Adventurous as hell (Lar broke his back when he was just 12), he was involved with bicycling racing, speed skating, motorcycle racing, and soaring. Life, LOOK, and National Geographic were his early favorite magazines. He was the 'class artist' throughout his school years.

He bought his first 35mm camera in 1967, then taught himself processing and printing from library books. Many books were returned late. Some with a chemical smell.

As an award-winning photographer, Lar Matre went on to shoot print advertising; produce, direct and edit broadcast advertising; and produce and direct sports programming for ESPN and Spike.

Matre has been the executive producer of countless TV commercials and corporate films.

He's also a graphic designer, as well as a skilled photo retoucher and compositor. Oh, and he architected the advertising computer system for the largest retailer in the US, while consulting with the Federal Government and other Fortune 500 companies on their web initiatives.

Currently, Lar is in the midst of determining how many other things he can do before his final day arrives. And lastly, Lar was not trained in the arts, though his entire career revolved around it.


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NOT SO IMPORTANT: The pronunciation of Lar's name seems to baffle many, but it's actually quite simple: Lar rhymes with bear, and Matré is pronounced: mah-TRAY. No matter how it's been pronounced, he's been called worse ;o)

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