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Larry Carr

Lansing, MI - United States








Larry Carr

Lansing, MI - United States

Larry Carr - Fine Artist

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About Larry Carr

In the beginning my interest in photography was merely as a hobby. I never really looked at it as more than a way to capture a moment in my life. Whether the object that sparked my interest was a person, place or thing, what I captured on film was nothing better than a snapshot. There was no passion or art in my photographs, just a record of a moment in time.

It wasn’t until after I discovered the works of Ansel Adams that I wanted to learn how to add passion and art to my photographs. The simplistic beauty in his images showed me that a camera is more than a simple “Recorder”; it is a “Tool”. The same way a chisel gives a woodworker the ability to shape wood, the camera gives a photographer the ability to shape an image.

I didn’t find my passion for photography until I moved to the beautiful mountainous views of Utah in 2002. It was here that I submersed myself in books and magazines learning as much as I could about the technical side of taking photographs. I started seeing a huge improvement in my images, which pushed me to learn more.

I have since moved back to my home state of Michigan where I enrolled in the Photography Program at Lansing Community College where I am discovering new ways to use my “Tool” of choice.

My strongest passion lies in Landscape photography, but my love of photography has me experimenting in other areas as well.

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope you enjoyed my photography.

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