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Lars Deike

Berlin - Germany

Lars Deike - Fine Artist

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About Lars Deike

Lars Deike was born in 1963 as son of a publishing family in Constance, graduated from training as a publishing assistant and worked for a move to Berlin as an editor at a large Berliner Zeitung.

The love of photography had long accompanied him and so he decided to study photography in Los Angeles.

After his return to Germany in 2001, Lars Deike opened his photo studio in Munich. There, the male body was in the interplay of light and shadow in the focus of his camera.

Lars Deike specialized in the course of his work as a freelance photographer on the field of nude and fetish photography.

So his photographs graced books, calendars, catalogs and cover images vielzähliger gay magazines. Lars Deike want this deliberately provocative. The artist wants his pictures the entire spectrum of game types of male gay sexuality cover - Leather, Rubber, Skins, sports, or even a complete 'snax - scene' can be reflected in his paintings.

Numerous exhibitions in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg or made ​​him a regular fixture in the field of erotic male photography in Germany. He is the important to provoke his pictures though, but here are subject to aesthetic and are not offensive.

In 2008 Lars Deike discovered influenced by his uncle - also a painter - the love of painting. Thematically, he linked this to his past as a photographer and captures the male body in sexy game usually larger than life on canvas. Besides the topic of fetish but is also the male body - young, old, or in the center. For the first time the VENUS in Berlin, the artist shows his women's record.

This was followed by exhibitions such as Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Kurhaus Bad Cannstatt (Stuttgart) in Oslo for Euro Pride at City Hall, which also houses the free Dens Nobel prizes are awarded to Folsom, europe's largest fetish festival in Berlin and the Hustlaball (selection). The press has discovered the Berlin Artists - BZ Berlin's largest newspaper, the COLORFUL or MATE magazine, BLU, GAB write about the artist

2014, the artist with political motives on the Potsamer place Berlin: Topic: Together against homophobia in football. This coincided with the World Cup Brazil 2014. In the exhibition the artist shows, inter alia, known players in erotic poses. At the same time were held exhibitions on the CSD Berlin, Frankfurt CSD CSD CSD Cologne and Stuttgart on the subject. In Berlin, the artist supports social projects with the help AIDS Berlin and the LSVD. For this purpose an original was auctioned, Lars Deike also took in the way in Charity Berlinischen gallery part where one of his works were auctioned for the projects.

In Cologne, one of his greatest works in the raffle was on the AIDS Gala CSD favor of Aids Cologne raffled in Stuttgart supported the artist Aids also has two plants. The actions of the artist on the CSDs were supported by many groups - among other things were the LSVD, AIDS help, LSU, LC Stuttgart eV IG CSD Stuttgart eV Stuttgart Junxx eV Lehmann Club, Lovepop, Gaydelight, Fame, Switchboard, the mix Fetish Club Berlin, Don Rondo, Surprise, Cafe Rico and the Mutschmanns supported.

Lars Deike will continue to contribute artistically and politically support various actions 'Together Against Homophobia'.
For the 2nd Charity Dinner of the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld of renowned filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim wore an erotic dinner jacket with designs by Lars Deike. Ambassador of the event was the world football player Thomas Hitzelsperger.

Lars Deike also accept commissions.


2013 Gallery-Weekend-Berlin

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2525 Blond by Lars Deike


Seduction - Verfuehrung 2701 by Lars Deike


Sixpack - 2527 by Lars Deike


Self Love - Selbst-Liebe - 6876 by Lars Deike


Power-Pack - Kraft-Paket - 6905 by Lars Deike


on hook - am Haken - 7012 by Lars Deike


Sportslut - der Bock - 2629 by Lars Deike


Fixation - fixiert - 2627 by Lars Deike


Mask - 2521 by Lars Deike


Horse and Horseman - Ross und Reiter - 2568 by Lars Deike


Blond - 2526 by Lars Deike


The Tounge - Die Zunge - 2522 by Lars Deike


Leather Man - Leder Mann - 2520 by Lars Deike


Chaps Package - Chaps Paket - 2509 by Lars Deike


Scream - Der Schrei 2502 by Lars Deike


Toilets - 2694 by Lars Deike


Awaiting - 2516 by Lars Deike


Stair Game - 2678 by Lars Deike


posterior view - Rueckenansicht 2581 by Lars Deike


Pray - 2667 by Lars Deike


At The Wall - 2685 by Lars Deike


Temptation - 2674 by Lars Deike


Rocket - 2662 by Lars Deike


Out Of The Darkness 2657 by Lars Deike


Clothespins 2538 by Lars Deike


The Window - 2670 by Lars Deike


Masks Respirator - 2604 by Lars Deike


The butcher - 2609 by Lars Deike


Nudes At Staircase - 2639 by Lars Deike


The cane - der Rohrstck - 2554 by Lars Deike


Blowjob - 2602 by Lars Deike


Subjugation 2611 by Lars Deike


Muscle Game - 2630 by Lars Deike


The Glove - der Handschuh -2557 by Lars Deike


To Leapfrog - Aufgebockt - 2566 by Lars Deike


Fixed - Haltestelle - 2504 by Lars Deike


Party People - 2587 by Lars Deike


Fetish Factory - 2614 by Lars Deike


Gyn Chair - Der Stuhl - 2561 by Lars Deike


Delight Location - 2616 by Lars Deike


Body Shaping - 2518 by Lars Deike


Johannes - 2594 by Lars Deike


Light And Shadow - 2621 by Lars Deike


X-factor - 2591 by Lars Deike


Dancing - 2571 by Lars Deike


Deep blue 2648 by Lars Deike


The Rope - Das Seil - 2696 by Lars Deike


Vault Sleeping 2578 by Lars Deike

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