Laura Ragland - Fine Artist

Laura Ragland

Brunswick, GA - United States








Laura Ragland

Brunswick, GA - United States

Laura Ragland - Fine Artist

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About Laura Ragland

I majored in art at the University of Georgia then LIFE, as it so often does, happened. 40 years later, retired from teaching drafting, art, residential design, photography, digital multi-media production and technology education, I picked up a good point and shoot digital camera and reclaimed my artist status.

I’m an opportunistic photographer…always looking for my next “favorite” image to come out of the camera. I’m inspired by just being out of doors and near nature.

I am passionate in my love for the coast of Georgia where I have been privileged to live for the past 35 years. I like to say that we've been behind so long that we are now out in front.Of our 14 barrier islands, all but 4 are undeveloped and preserved in their natural state.Our tidal marshes produce tons of shrimp and sea life.Our native south Georgians still mind their manners and respect where they came from and graciously welcome our visitors, even if they come from up North.My photography shows you through my own camera lens why I love this place so much.

I am not a purist when comes to my photography philosophy. Just like the earliest photographers used every trick they could imagine to explore the possibilities of of their new invention, I try to match my skills, creativity and resources to the subject at hand. So I hope you won't underestimate what I might try next.

I strongly believe in collaboration.It is extremely rare to create something entirely original.Our artistic vision is distilled from all we experience and and see.So to MY FELLOW ARTISTS, if you see anything in my portfolio that inspires you, I am honored, and all I ask is that you buy a 5x7 card of that image and send me a FAA email with your intentions.

And some of my old internet buddies from photos section may know me as SunsetSailor.

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