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Leanne M Williams

Wollongong, NSW - Australia








Leanne M Williams

Wollongong, NSW - Australia

Leanne M Williams - Fine Artist

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The gallery features most of my Spiritual Awakening Art and Design along with a new gallery with my Abstract Photography plus Photography.

Abstract Photography - This gallery takes you on a journey of the Mind and Soul for the artworks are a distorted view of Life. I photograph images in a totally different way. Giving movement and a non fiction quality to the world around us and beyond. I hope you enjoy the journey and can connect with the artworks on a level that is known just to you. All of my art is covered by Copyright, so please do not copy, download or alter in anyway. Thank you :-)

Photography - A new passion to which I have completely fallen in love with. I am particularly keen on Bird photography but don't really feel it will be all that popular as a print so won't share much of it on here. If you are interested in seeing any of my bird photography, please feel free to have a look at my 500px site - https://500px.com/leannewilliams333 Thank you

Spiritual Art -

I started on the (spiritual) path around 8 years ago. I was a late bloomer. I had always been interested in Spirituality and had dabbled in Tarot, Angel Card readings and so on. I participated in a full years course called 'Parapsychology'. This truly helped me open up to Spirit. So many doors were being opened, enabling me to see the gifts Spirit had for myself and I tried many of them. I belonged to a Spiritualist Church for 4 years and found I needed to spread my wings and move on. From that moment on, I started to get the urge to start drawing again. I then started drawing visions that Spirit were showing me. Physically feeling and visualising my own experiences. It started out as painting with Acrylic then went to chalk then the computer. That's when I truly found where I belonged. I loved working on the computer from the start.
It had never occurred to me that others would enjoy my art and to this day, I am still amazed and overjoyed.

Since then, I have been taken on many journeys within my meditations and most often in contemplative moments. I am shown visions within dreams and in everyday reality.

I re-create my visions as I know these are meant for many and not just for me. They are to share and to enable others who resonate with the art to also be taken on the journey, to their own awakening, to their own experiences.

People seem to be looking for 'something' and I am finding that they are turning to Spirituality in all forms. I feel it is the healing capacity within my Spiritual Awakening Art and the subtle 'codes and symbols', which people are drawn to. When someone sits and looks at my art, they will be drawn to a particular artwork, it is a 'knowing' that has been awakened and gives them a feeling of comfort and joy. It is something they can relate to and feel comfortable with.
To this day, my Spiritual Awakening Art incorporates messages of hope, love, healing, personal growth, world peace and awakening. Most of them have their own written messages and explanations and those that don't, it is for you to feel and see what it says to you.

Spiritual Art is my Passion, my Love and my Life.

The saying goes 'A picture speaks a thousand words' but did you know that a picture/artwork can actually heal you as well? My Spiritual Awakening Art does exactly that. It not only speaks a thousand words, it also Heals YOU.


It activates your Soul. It awakens you Soul. It activates a part of you that is ready.A part of you that has been in slumber for such a long time. When this happens, it is known as the 'Awakening'. Once this activation begins, you will start to feel an awareness that you hadn't noticed
before. You will start to feel more 'Alive', things will begin to fall into place for you. The abundance will start flowing freely. You will feel so much love in your heart, your world will be a beautiful place and you will feel alive once more.

Wouldn't that be absolutely wonderful?

Within each individual artwork, there are subtle vibrations that will activate this process, healing vibrations. You will be drawn to certain artworks that speak to your Soul. This will start your own personal transition. Spirit have imprinted their energies within each and every art-piece. The one you are drawn to, is the one YOU need for where you are NOW. Sit with the art and let it SPEAK TO YOU. Let it AWAKEN YOU. Let it activate your DNA.

It's time for this activation process to begin and with it will come all the riches you have ever dreamed.

Love and Light Always
Leanne M Williams

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Black Head Rocks Australia by Leanne M Williams


The Universe is in your hands by Leanne M Williams


Flying Free by Leanne M Williams


The Touch of Nature by Leanne M Williams


Colours of Gold by Leanne M Williams


All by myself by Leanne M Williams


Misty Waters by Leanne M Williams


Rocky Sunrise by Leanne M Williams


Flaming Hand by Leanne M Williams


Ideas gone up in smoke by Leanne M Williams


Orange Sunset by Leanne M Williams


From a mouses point of view by Leanne M Williams


Sunset by the dock of the bay by Leanne M Williams


The perfect pose by Leanne M Williams


Beauty AND a Beast by Leanne M Williams


Glow in the dark by Leanne M Williams


Sunset Beauty by Leanne M Williams


Farmland in the mist by Leanne M Williams


Fallen lights by Leanne M Williams


Rays of gold by Leanne M Williams


Beauty of the Morn by Leanne M Williams


Wings by Leanne M Williams


Searching by Leanne M Williams


The waters of life by Leanne M Williams

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