Lena Navarro - Fine Artist

Lena Navarro

Payson, AZ - United States








Lena Navarro

Payson, AZ - United States

Lena Navarro - Fine Artist

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August 4th, 2012







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About Lena Navarro

Hi! My name is Lena Navarro. I live in Arizona.
I am an artist and I really love to paint. I love this world; I love all the colors around us. People, nature, emotions, and all the beautiful things made by God inspire me. I love to express my feelings, emotions, and thoughts on canvas. And I absolutely love oil painting.
I donít have a list of art universities where I have studied, although I would like to study more someday. For me art began in elementary school in the art section. I went to after school classes. Later on in life, I spent one year learning art at a special art school. As I got older, I left my dream of being an artist behind. However, a few years ago I was encouraged by friend of mine,a great artist, to get back into art. So I started painting again, and now my dream has come true.
I would like to share my work with you, and I hope you will like it. Most of the paintings are oil on canvas. I have some oil on wood and who knows what the future may bring. Although a camera cannot capture all the nuances of an oil painting or express the depth of all the colors, I donít use Photoshop to make the pictures of my paintings look better on my website.
Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will enjoy it :)

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Humming birds and fuchsia by Lena Navarro


Waiting For The Spring by Lena Navarro


Beautiful Giant by Lena Navarro


Morning Felloship by Lena Navarro


Peacock on the magnolia tree by Lena Navarro


Sweet Dreams by Lena Navarro


White mane by Lena Navarro


Peacock by Lena Navarro


In The Seaoil On Canvas by Lena Navarro


The Queen Of Fields by Lena Navarro


Nude by Lena Navarro


Geranium On The Table by Lena Navarro


Dandelions by Lena Navarro


Poppies by Lena Navarro


Little Street by Lena Navarro


The Womans Room by Lena Navarro


Geranium by Lena Navarro


Angels by Lena Navarro


Poppies by Lena Navarro

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