Lena Quagliato - Fine Artist

Lena Quagliato

Los Angeles, CA - United States








Lena Quagliato

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Lena Quagliato - Fine Artist

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About Lena Quagliato

AKA Lena Quagliato
Please see more of my work at www.LQperspective.com

Just call me Lena, thatís how I sign all my paintings anyway. I am a 2010 Graduate of College of the Ozarks with a BA in Studio Art, Painting. I was raised in the mountains and plains of Colorado on small hobby farms, near agricultural towns. I have always loved art and animals.

As a child, I was fascinated with pets and farm animals and have always enjoyed the little wild critters that I found outside. I had a wild imagination and always wondered what it would be like to be an animal.

Coupled with my love for animals was my love for art. I used my experience and love for animals to study and draw their every whisker. Ever since I was a child I have been progressing from pencil, to colored pencil, to watercolor and eventually acrylic, which I still prefer. I have been entering shows and doing commissions ever since my first county fair art show at the age of six.

Many of my paintings and titles have a double meaning or deeper story behind them, but you have to look twice. I have catered many of my concepts towards the working farmer and the things that are familiar to them. I like my work/titles to create a sense of curiosity and ambiguity at the same time. Leaving the viewer wondering just enough that their curiosity gets the better of them and they have to look deeper into the topic to find the answer.

In 2005, I left Colorado and moved to Missouri with my family, where I drew inspiration from the Ozark culture and attended College of the Ozarks, where I met the love of my life.

I currently reside in Los Angeles California, where my husband and I moved shortly after getting married in 2013. But wherever I go the details of nature that captured me as a child, remain special and important. Whether it is the gold in a frogís eye or a bug's-eye view of a turtle I try to capture unique perspectives and allow the viewer to enter a 'new world.'

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Pet Portrait by Lena Quagliato


Chai Tea by Lena Quagliato


Rose Hip Tea by Lena Quagliato


Earl Grey by Lena Quagliato


A Goodnight Rain by Lena Quagliato


The Dotted Line by Lena Quagliato


Labrador by Lena Quagliato


Trust by Lena Quagliato


Turtle Race by Lena Quagliato


The Fruits of Labor by Lena Quagliato


Frog Eye by Lena Quagliato


Warts and All by Lena Quagliato


Puppy Breath by Lena Quagliato


Abandoned Autumn by Lena Quagliato


Not My Will But by Lena Quagliato


Constrained by Lena Quagliato


Still Life with Gopher Skull by Lena Quagliato


Tractor Jewel by Lena Quagliato


Group Hug by Lena Quagliato


Cute Little Baby by Lena Quagliato


Life is Ruff by Lena Quagliato


The Man in the Alpaca Felt Hat by Lena Quagliato


Brer Rabbit Nibbles up all the Butter by Lena Quagliato


Brer Fox Catches the Saddle Horse by Lena Quagliato


Brer Rabbit Fools Sis Cow by Lena Quagliato

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