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Michael Henderson

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Michael Henderson

Venice, VE - Italy

Michael Henderson - Fine Artist

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About Michael Henderson

Abstract painting has been a life-long pursuit for me.

In abstract painting, there is usually no imagery for the viewer to latch onto, no horizon, no beginning and no end. To me, the question is not whether a painting is a good rendition of a cow, or a true likeness of a person, but rather whether it's enjoyable and more importantly, inspiring to look at.

I paint abstract pictures because all realistic painting, when honestly analyzed, is nothing more than color and form put together in a way that allows the brain to recognize it as an object. Take away the story in a realistic picture, and you are left with no more than abstraction. Some of my paintings have recognizable images, and I often explore the line between the paint on the canvas being purely abstract, and it giving rise to recognizable shapes. But the real goal of my painting is to provide an enjoyable and pleasant art-viewing experience, one that is both artistically satisfying and intellectually stimulating.

For me, painting is a spontaneous act; I have no real idea what a painting will look like until it is done. I begin by spreading paint in an impromptu manner, using a technique almost like a scribble, and proceeding from there to build out the composition with color. This may go on for an hour, or it may last through several sittings. I may set a picture aside for weeks and then rework it, or even paint over some or all of it. The question then becomes when to stop; when am I finished? I continue until I get a feeling of satisfaction from the painting, at which time I step back and lay down my brushes.

I studied painting privately for several years with a realistic painter, where I learned drawing and traditional ways of painting. I was born in U.S., was a reactor operator on a submarine, and later became a lawyer. I practiced law in Maryland for about ten years, and am admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court.

I currently reside in Venice, Italy, with my wife and two dogs.

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