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Josh Lerch

Alburtis, PA - United States








Josh Lerch

Alburtis, PA - United States

Josh Lerch - Fine Artist

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About Josh Lerch

The subject inspires and the process builds.

As a student of Landscape Architecture I have extensive training in the design process, hand drafting, and rendering as well as creating perspective, elevation, and plan views of my designs. I fell in love with this process and for the first time it occurred to me I could add that to my natural talents for drawing and creating.

I found that the design process fueled my passions when I used it for solving self created design problems that I would challenge myself with while doing exercises in visual abstraction. Since my natural style is lines, planes, and overlapping structures it blends in perfectly with my full drafting and design education and enhances the process I have learned and personalized over time.

While I don’t actively seek or categorize myself as a cubist it is the most similar example of how my mind likes to break an image apart and recreate. Movement, balance, contrast, and composition all seamlessly work together as I use these lines and planes to build the structure that recreates what inspires me. By using what I learned as a student of the design process and illustration I have blended my talents as an illustrator, draftsman, and painter to create a style that has an unlimited potential to build its own identity.

As an abstract painter what really turns me on is texture and what turns me off is naming a piece. While I do it for various reasons I don’t like titles for abstract paintings because it is for the viewer to seek and find, not for me to impose. With abstracts I find the title will be something for the viewer to grab onto for dear life when they cannot find what it is; what I want is for them to find it within themselves and the painting using the tools I give them such as texture, contrast, and visual cues. It’s not a puzzle; sometimes a nude is just a nude after all and who can complain about that? Texture is important because the viewer’s mind can grip that reality as it pursues the other parts of the image and it also gives the painting the initial feeling of reality…although the image is abstract texture gives us the real quality we need to see it as real.

When I first started I used a very monochromatic palette, mainly because the browns were cheaper but as I went on and learned more I became inspired to take things a step further and start using color to build these structures and planes and so I carry on.

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