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Lester Glass

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Lester Glass

New York, NY - United States

Lester Glass - Fine Artist

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About Lester Glass

My personal vision as an artist is not exclusive. It admits all visual experience. My central objective in art is to heighten this visual experience. With my art I seek to find new interpretations of what we literally see.

Although my paintings embody universal principles of design and composition, they also introduce new interpretations from my own vision. My subjects are those to which I feel the most intense responses. They are chosen intuitively and without premeditation. I become aware of them as a result of a brief but intense visual experience that may occur at any time. There are no conscious social, political, literary or historical allusions in the work; it is purely visual and as such relies entirely on the language of vision for its originality and impact. I work to reveal the visual world directly, but not literally. For me art must be without pretense, contrivance or preconception. A literal rendering of the subject is not of concern. Judgments about “accurate” renderings are beside the point; although I have a keen eye and hand when a literal rendering of a subject is a client’s intent.

My techniques build on the 20th Century masters and their 19th Century progenitors. My paintings and drawings metamorphose into new images emanating from, and always returning to, the perceived world of visual experience.


My early training was as a watercolorist. My studies following this were in the Bauhaus tradition and methodology which exposed me to a wide range of graphic techniques including print-making, photography, sculpture, graphic design and oil painting at Brooklyn College in NY City where my teachers included the painters Robert Jay Wolf, Ad Reinhardt and Burgoyne Diller, the prominent print-maker Stanley Hayter and the photographer Walter Rosenblum. Following this I studied painting and life drawing with John Hanson at Cornell University. After a period of military service I was admitted to the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where I studied architecture and received the Master of Architecture degree. I was in active architectural practice for many years while also continuing to paint and draw. My culminating formal training in painting and drawing from life was obtained during several years of study at the Art Students League of New York where my principal teachers were Hanania Harari and Terence Coyle.


My work has been exhibited at Harvard University, the Art Students League, the Columbus Gallery in NY City and Jennifer House Gallery, Great Barrington, MA. His work has also been published on the Internet by Sotheby Galleries, courtesy of JoAnn Fine Arts Gallery, New York City. Glass has studios at his residences in New York City and West Stockbridge, Mass.
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Separate Worlds NYC Subway by Lester Glass


Impression Union Square West NYC by Lester Glass


Impresssion Main Street Bizbee Arizona by Lester Glass


Impression Silvernails Farm by Lester Glass


Impression Bryant Square NYC by Lester Glass


Impression The White House by Lester Glass


Painted Desert Arizona by Lester Glass


Painted Desert and Ruins by Lester Glass


Impression Hillside Houses by Lester Glass


Monuments Sun and Shadow by Lester Glass


New York Eras by Lester Glass


Arch Span Porto Portugal by Lester Glass


Monument by Lester Glass


Formation of Monuments by Lester Glass


Monuments - The Elephant by Lester Glass


San Juan Mountains Colorado by Lester Glass


Chesapeake Bay Boatyard by Lester Glass


Beach Group at Cape Cod by Lester Glass


Dune Bridge by Lester Glass


Bouquet in a Blue Vase by Lester Glass


Bouquet in a Green Vase by Lester Glass


Empire State by Lester Glass


Spinnakers by Lester Glass


Skyline by Lester Glass


Early Morning by Lester Glass


Stone Church Central Portugal by Lester Glass


Impression Abandoned House Portugal by Lester Glass


A Corner in London by Lester Glass


Stepped Ramp Porto Portugal by Lester Glass


Impression 2 San Jose Mission San Antonio Texas by Lester Glass


Impression 1 San Jose Mission San Antonio Texas by Lester Glass


Rooftops by Lester Glass


City Life II by Lester Glass


City Life 1 by Lester Glass


Hilltown Road Central Portugal by Lester Glass

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