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Levi Glassrock

Dallas, TX - United States








Levi Glassrock

Dallas, TX - United States

Levi Glassrock - Fine Artist

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About Levi Glassrock

Levi Glassrock is a musical / visual artist, who hails from Dallas. He has worked as an artist in his hometown although his career first started to take shape in Austin. He has murals in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth & also New Mexico & Colorado, as well as installations in premier live music venues, restaurants, and coffee shops. There are many retailers that feature Leviís art however, doing a street promotion for his music and his art has been his most successful endeavor, widely agreed as the most prolific street vending artist of his region and his era, he is known for selling thousands of cd's and poetry books as a precursor to his rather late blossoming into a visual artist ,completely devoted to his music from the age of fifteen pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter/recording artist some say this might be because he is indeed related to Sun Records music legend , the one and only , Jerry lee Lewis ,. In an effort to produce an inlay for his cd, with a $2.00 box of oil-pastels, He attempted to create the artwork that would appear on his first album,(the unknown prophet) recorded in 1999. he tried to decipher professional technique, by trial & error, finding not only the process but unwittingly creating his signature series ,which beautifully demonstrates his own unique style that many of his fans refer to as abstract cartoonistry.
A decade later Levi is well known as a strong contender, & staple in the very competitive Texas art scene. He has chosen The Sunshine Store in the historic heart of Deep Ellum to be the Headquarters of operations ,in spite of the fact that this might indeed be the worlds smallest art gallery thus far, due to recent changes in the economy the artist has reluctantly decided to make his art & music available through online retailers such as (zazzle.com/stitchlip*) also weíve worked hard to bring you a youtube channel (youtube.com/stitchlip76) and each album of levis music is chronologically represented in his top friends sections on his myspace pages, the main hub,: (myspace.com/stitchlipshouse) make sure to check out the artistís newest music project, Stitchlip ďThe Cartoon CatĒ (myspace.com/stitchlipthecartooncat) He has not only endeavored to reproduce his signature series made with oil pastels, which over thirteen thousand are proudly hanging in people's homes all over the world, Levi started his pen and ink sketches in 2005, which he's sold thousands of, redoing the most popular sketches, finding a theme he has called ' Stitchlip's House,' the mascot of this world, a cartoon cat, known as Stitchlip. By the sheer good grace of god, and absolute proof that dreams do come true,
Now Levi is collaborating with his muse, an apprentice artist for which whom he has lovingly given the nickname, 'Polka-Dot.' The dynamic duo has also produced their very own print making process creating what they and their patrons refer to as ' Drippy Prints.' If your taking the time to read this then , please refer to the pics section of our myspace page to see an extensive portfolio of their work which also chronologically displays the many different styles and eras of the artistís work which spans over 10 years, artistís current motto ,( Iíve done what you want me to do, so now let me do what I want to do for you ! ) true artistic integrity, This style of collaboration is commonly used to create their studio Art & poster size pieces, which are the Soul trademark , intellectual property of the two artist at work. (BEWARE OF IMITATION LEVI G. STYLE ART, BOOTLEGGERS, COUNTERFITTERS, COPY CATS, BLACKMARKET ART HUSTLERS)!

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Black Light neon Splash Microphone by Levi Glassrock


Black light neon splash Flaming Guitar on highway by Levi Glassrock


Black Light response Neon splash Corner with Outlet by Levi Glassrock


Black light response neon splash Corner with Outlet by Levi Glassrock


Black Light response Neon Splash Cassette tape unwound by Levi Glassrock


Neon Black light response Tandem Bicycle for two by Levi Glassrock

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