Levi Rosen - Fine Artist

Levi Rosen

Houston, TX - United States








Levi Rosen

Houston, TX - United States

Levi Rosen - Fine Artist

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July 15th, 2010







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About Levi Rosen

Levi Rosen is a Houston area artist whose artwork is represented by Deborah Shelton and KAXM Gallery, has been shown in several venues all over Houston and is in several private collections in Houston, San Antonio, Florida, New York and Sweden.
Levi's art is a flight of Fantasy, Passion and world views.
As an artist and family man he tries to convey what he sees in the world (good or bad) and elicit a reaction from the audience to provoke change for the better.

At the moment I am working on several series that depict what our world would be like after a drastic change, either man made or natural. I am trying to portray that the only constant in life is change. I have noticed lately that we as a people are obsessed and convinced that the world will end soon, which to me is a detriment to ourselves. Life will go on as long as there is the tiniest of footholds. I feel we should live well and not fear, every moment counts, live it to it's fullest!

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Cthulu rises or it could be a bus by Levi Rosen


Adrift by Levi Rosen


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Aftermath 10 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 9 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 8 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 7 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 6 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 5 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 4 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 3 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 2 by Levi Rosen


Aftermath 1 by Levi Rosen


Gambling one grain of sand at a time by Levi Rosen


It's a strange love by Levi Rosen


Abby of Wal'm by Levi Rosen


Dancing to a Nuclear Sunrise by Levi Rosen


City Park by Levi Rosen


Oasis in a sea of silicon by Levi Rosen


Atrium Runnith Wild by Levi Rosen


The red dust billows forth by Levi Rosen


They called me Fat Man... Then it all disappeared by Levi Rosen

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