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Li Newton

San Salvador - Bahamas

Li Newton - Fine Artist

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About Li Newton

I am an American artist and photographer who resides in San Salvador, Bahamas and Asheville, N.C. I am proficient in a variety of mediums including silk painting, oil painting, acrylics, pastels, mixed media/ collage, mosaics, watercolor, decorative restoration, photography and more. I studied briefly at the Pa. Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and at Otis-Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles but most of my growth and experimentation has come through the trials and triumphs of life.

Colors of the Caribbean, movement of the life above and under the water, and the people I meet all inspire my work and my life. I constantly experiment in different mediums and textures and aspire to never stop learning. Thank you for visiting my site.

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The Ancient Mayan World- Belize

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The Mayan civilization was the height of pre-Columbian culture. They made significant discoveries in science, including the use of the zero in mathematics. Their writing was the only in America capable of expressing all types of thought. Most artistic and cultural achievement came about during the Classic period 300 -900 AD. The Mayans developed a complex hierarchical society divided into classes and professions. Centralized governments, headed by a king, and ruled territories with clearly defined boundaries. These borders changed as the various states lost and gained control over territory. Mayan centers flourished in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. The major cities of the Classic period were Guatemala, Chiapas, Mexico, and Honduras. For most of this period, the majority of the Mayans population lived in the central lowlands of Mexico and Belize.

Li Newton - A Peaceful Place

A Peaceful Place by Li Newton

Li Newton - My Peace

My Peace by Li Newton

Li Newton - Lamanai- Belize

Lamanai- Belize by Li Newton

Li Newton - Mayan Ritual Pottery

Mayan Ritual Pottery by Li Newton

Li Newton - The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice by Li Newton

Li Newton - Mayan Cave Rituals

Mayan Cave Rituals by Li Newton

Li Newton - Actun Tunichil Muknal Entrance

Actun Tunichil Muknal Entrance by Li Newton

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