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Lina Scarfi

West Palm Beach, FL - United States

Lina Scarfi - Fine Artist

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About Lina Scarfi

Lina was born in a small fishing village in Torre Faro, Sicily. She and her family came to America in the mid-50s, settling in Westchester, N.Y. Like countless immigrants before them, they came to America seeking a better life. Her parents achieved the outward financial success they sought, but harmony in Lina's home was more elusive. Lina has a sister, Marie, who is six years older. As children, she didn't know where her hand started or where her sister's finished. She was who Lina watched and listened to. Her sister's face was where Lina found her sanity; her face has always brought her home.

One of the main influences that led Lina to art took root as early as age 5. She was discouraged from going outside to play, so she turned to paper and pencils. First, she started drawing Superman, then, ball gowns. While she never combined the two, Lina realized as early as kindergarten that she was vastly different from her peers. They brought bagged lunches of peanut butter sandwiches. She brought bagged lunches of provolone cheese with a side of braised eel. While the students in Lina's class would receive gold stars on their papers, she sat very quietly in the back of the room, trying to hide the fact that she didn't know how to read. Those gold stars where painfully unattainable for this one-eye browed little Sicilian girl. This is where Superman came in. Lina found that the power of drawing him and her ball gowns finally got her those huge gold stars. Lina doesn't draw the Man of Steel much anymore, but she still enjoys provolone cheese with a side of braised eel.

Another influence Lina had in her life started as a young teen. She was lucky to have had a teacher Robert Globerman who was able to guide and nurture her. For the first time in her young life she felt she was special, and had something important to say. Her gratitude, and respect for him grew stronger each year of adulthood. Without him, she knew her life would not have taken this wonderful path.

Lina's style developed in the early '70s when she went to Rome and visited the Sistine Chapel. There she stood breathless in the middle of the room. Her throat tightened, and she knew, even as a young woman, that she was standing in the middle of her Grand Canyon. Some of us don't know when we're there. Even when Lina was a small child, she knew who she was and what her life's journey would be. She always knew how to stop, look and listen. There she witnessed an amassing of great strength, beauty, suffering, joy, every quality and emotion we humans experience in this life of ours. Lina knew that day that she wanted to tell her story, and that maybe, one day, someone would stop, look and listen. Maybe one day she could be somebody's Grand Canyon.

Lina's style of work is hardy, curvaceous and sensual. It's truthful, strong and commands attention. I can tell you better what it's not. It's not soft like a whisper or sweet like a baby's lips. It screams and it's messy, just like life.

What Lina is trying to convey in her work is the story of her life. She paints her truth, what she feels, sees, and hears. Lina is a storyteller. She's her own country song. She just never played at the Grand Ole Opry.

Lina attended Rhode Island School of Design.

Since 1979 she worked in the newspaper industry as an illustrator, art director, graphics editor and designer. Lina won many awards during that time. Here are some of them:

*1980-Society of Newspaper Design: 3 awards, gold, silver, and bronze for illustration
1988-Florida Society of Newspaper Editors: 1st place, illustration
1989-Florida Press Club: 1st place, illustration
*1990-Society of Newspaper Design: 1 award of excellence for illustration
1991-Florida Press Club: 3rd place, illustration
1992-Florida Press Club: 2nd place, illustration
*1993-Society of newspaper Design: Award of excellence/illustrations/portfolio
1995-Florida Press Club: 1st place, illustration
1996-Florida Press Club: 2nd place, illustration
1996-Florida Society of Newspaper Editors: 3rd place
1997-Florida Press Club: 1st place, illustration
1997-Florida Press Club: 3rd place, informational graphics
1998-National Headliner Awards: 3rd place, illustration
1998-Florida Society of Newspaper Editors: 1st place, illustration

*Society of Newspaper Design is a worldwide competition

Lina is currently showing
The Rosetta Stone Gallery of Fine Art, Juno Fl
Mag Gallery, Miami, Fl
Joanne Coia Gallery, Delray Beach, Fl
The Attic Gallery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

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