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Linda Bennett

Erwin, NC - United States








Linda Bennett

Erwin, NC - United States

Linda Bennett - Fine Artist

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About Linda Bennett

I was born and primarily raised in Ohio. I reside now in North Carolina with my husband, Frank. I have 3 children, 1 step-son, and 12 grandchildren. Even with all of THAT going on, I have always found my way back to what I love to do...sketch. I use Rembrandt Soft Pastels in all my pieces. For smaller detail I use pastel pencils and when I need a little more variation of color, I use Gallery Soft Pastels, as well. I recently started to paint with Acrylics. I have only been painting with Acrylics for a few months now and have already sold one of my pieces.

I have had the opportunity to display my artwork in local competitions, other websites, and have sold many personal pieces to friends, family, co-workers, and even to friends of all the previously mentioned. Although, selling my artwork is always nice, I do it more for personal satisfaction and self-expression.

I have been interested in Art as long as I can remember. My goal is to express to you what I feel and see by putting it on a sketch pad. Art is not about its price but what you, as a potential buyer, feels when you look at my sketches. The way to do this is through imagination, color, and a direct line between you and my work. For me, art in any form, is not only a chance for the artist to express themselves, but a chance for you to display your love for art in your home, office, etc....

Although pencil sketching and pastels was my first passion, I have found a new love in Acrylics on canvas. Acrylics not only gives me more freedom in color choices but challenges me in areas such as composition. With the new and expanded color schemes allowed with Acrylic paint, I can explore a lot of different ideas such as Autumn scenes, painting animals, etc.... Of course, my first passion will always be the beach!!

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