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Linda Deal

Tulsa, OK - United States








Linda Deal

Tulsa, OK - United States

Linda Deal - Fine Artist

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About Linda Deal

Yes, I am what I appear to be - a sixty-something grandmother. But there is more that you can't see. No matter how much I try to tell you about all the parts of me, you will never realize who I am. I am a compilation of times, events, days and years. Everything that happened to me, everything I've done, have all worked together to help shape the ME of today. I went to a junior college in my mid-thirties. I have an associates degree in country music. I played electric bass guitar in a country band for several years. I had two babies. I lived through the 'sixties as a teenager. I have a pretty good I.Q. still yet in spite of having been a teenager during the 'sixties. Our family was extremely dysfunctional and we didn't even know it because none of us had ever heard that word before. I married for the fifth time when I was forty. It took that many years and that many tries before I could finally get it right. Steve and I lived together ten years before I agreed to marry him. I really didn't figure there was much point to it. We decided if we couldn't get along after we got married, we could get divorced and go back to living together. There is still so much more that you don't know and probably never will know about me. But there is one thing I can tell you about me that is the most important - I am a child of God, I know He loves me and He lives in my house and in my heart.

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Squirrel by Linda Deal


Squirrel in the Tree by Linda Deal


Squirrel on the Balcony by Linda Deal


Squirrel on the Rail by Linda Deal


B and W Squirrel by Linda Deal


Standing Squirrel by Linda Deal


Posing Squirrel by Linda Deal


Squirrel Eating Pecans by Linda Deal


Your Lion Eyes by Linda Deal


The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Linda Deal


The Mighty Jungle by Linda Deal


In The Jungle by Linda Deal


Squirrel in Nature by Linda Deal


Squirrel 2 by Linda Deal


Squirrel 1 by Linda Deal


Running Squirrel in Silhouette by Linda Deal


Squirrel Silhouette by Linda Deal


Well Planter by Linda Deal


Robin by Linda Deal


Robin Red Breast by Linda Deal


The Nowhere Man by Linda Deal


A Little Bird by Linda Deal


Old Glory by Linda Deal


Thirsty Squirrel by Linda Deal

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