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Linda Galok

Pittsfield, MA - United States








Linda Galok

Pittsfield, MA - United States

Linda Galok - Fine Artist

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About Linda Galok

I first picked up a camera in self defense. Iíd been unsuccessfully avoiding my motherís Brownie since Iíd learned to crawl away from her, and when I realized how many shoeboxes of blackmail material she had under her bed, I knew I needed some ammunition of my own. She was more successful in avoiding the camera than Iíd ever been, so I eventually gave up and started taking pictures of whatever caught my eye. My daughter once asked if Iíd like to take a picture of her doorknob. In all fairness, I was taking pictures of her thermostat at the time. Portraits are my favorites, but itís so rare that people can pose naturally for the camera (or that they want to) I donít have many in my collection yet. I love landscapes and old buildings and am always searching for fresh angles if it blooms, barks or flies. Iím compelled by (okay, addicted to) light, shadow, reflection and color and practice speed shooting from the back of a Harley (thank goodness for digital). The whole first year was a blur (literally), but still shots are now much easier and have produced some amazing results (even if I do say so myself).

When I donít have a camera in my hand or hanging around my neck, I read instead of cleaning my house, cook as infrequently as I can get away with it, and try to find something to laugh about every single day. I'd rather write than speak because editing my mouth is a skill I never mastered, and I believe Iím a photo-aholic because it's the only way I can focus.

If there are several photos in my gallery that you particularly like, but you donít have the wall space (or the cash), to buy them all, please ask, and Iíll be glad to make a unique collage just for you. Iíve found that like colors or similar objects works best, but some of the best creations are accidents so have some fun with it!

I thank you for looking through my gallery, and I hope youíll stop back often Ė you are, after all, my creative motivation.

All images in this gallery are the original art of LINDA GALOK (that's me)
Every work on this website is protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. Each artwork image here may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission. But I'm pretty sure you already know all that. :-)

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