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Lindy Whiton

Greenfield, MA - United States








Lindy Whiton

Greenfield, MA - United States

Lindy Whiton - Fine Artist

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August 20th, 2013







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About Lindy Whiton

I find these statements so difficult to write. How much do you say? I have spent a long professional life in the field of adult literacy. I have been successful at it and loved, adored teaching adults to read and write, about government, economics and art. I have built curricula based on art and art history and managed to motivate non readers; excited them about their world and their own creativity. I have spent a lot of time teaching teachers how to teach writing and I have been a good advisor to many student.
Over the past three years I have rediscovered my own art. I am very happy doing photography instead of teaching. I am older and I do not have the larger reserves of mental energy that I have had throughout my career. so now I am focusing on Lindysphotos. This interest does not come out of no where nor is it brand new. I come from a long line of painters and musicians and many of my siblings and nephews and nieces have chosen photography, as well, to express that innate and ingrained creativity. I am blessed, I know, and I am appreciative of both my nurture and my nature.
I hope you like these photos and feel free to e mail me if you want an image in a form you do not see on this website.

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Hands On by Lindy Whiton


My friend by Lindy Whiton


At Winter's End by Lindy Whiton


Water's Path by Lindy Whiton


Frozen Driveway by Lindy Whiton


Last Pink by Lindy Whiton


November Sky by Lindy Whiton


Woodpeckers friend by Lindy Whiton


Don't Shake Those Feathers at Me by Lindy Whiton


September Sky by Lindy Whiton


Singular or Not by Lindy Whiton


Middle of Summer by Lindy Whiton


Single Blessing by Lindy Whiton


A Gift of Gold by Lindy Whiton


Midsummer Wetland by Lindy Whiton


Festival by Lindy Whiton


Landing Heron by Lindy Whiton


Yellow in early summer by Lindy Whiton


Iris By The Pond by Lindy Whiton


Purity Cleansed by Lindy Whiton


Frog by Lindy Whiton


Motherhood by Lindy Whiton


Quince by Lindy Whiton


The Glory of Purple by Lindy Whiton

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