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Lionel Gaffen

Qiryat Shmona - Israel

Lionel Gaffen - Fine Artist

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About Lionel Gaffen

I've been involved with photography for more than fifty years, and cut my teeth in the theater, where I did the photography for a theater group for about seventeen years in my original home of Montreal, Canada.

During the past thirty or so years, after moving to Israel, I became more and more involved with both travel and sports photography.

I've had a few exhibitions over the years, with two of them taking place in Canada, one in Montreal, and another as part of a travelling exhibition across Canada, on travel in Israel.
Another of my exhibitions was based on a trip I took to the country of Jordan, a few months after the historic peace treaty between Israel and Jordan came into effect.

For more than a dozen years, I was a freelance photojournalist for a major newspaper, with sports photography as my metier, to go with my articles, and have also had photos published in a variety of magazines and books over the years, and did the photography for a step by step how-to book for a martial arts program.

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