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Lisa Darlington

Tauranga, F1 - New Zealand








Lisa Darlington

Tauranga, F1 - New Zealand

Lisa Darlington - Fine Artist

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About Lisa Darlington


I grew up in the Waikato in the free-loving 70’s, and as the eldest of four sisters in a large extended family. Mix in some trauma with the freedom of a somewhat unsupervised childhood and spoon in young parents with the quest for a good time.


My escape became art, crafts, writing, disco dancing, hanging out with my waikato friends and listening to my parent’s records. My school reports say dreamy, distracted and distracts others - but capable. I would have liked it to say ‘creative’. I studied art at high school but was given alot of advice along the lines of ‘Do something different. Art will never make you a living. Study accounting/business etc’


After completing a BA at Waikato University along with some art and marketing papers I worked at Waikato University and then tried my hand at sales.


Moved to Auckland in an attempt to broaden my horizons in a busy city, and work in the creative arts.

The big smoke was not for me and along with my well travelled husband I ventured oveaseas for long holidays. Fell in love with ancient buildings and Italy. We then moved and immersed ourselves in the wonderful culture of Wellington for several years.

Dabbled in interior and graphic design and worked in marketing for a Weltec and Massey university.

Decorated the house with paintings, until someone came and bought the house and the paintings too!

After the birth of our first child, riding on the back of a strong southerly wind, the family relocated to Tauranga to plant fruit trees, live more sustainably, ferment foods, bask on the beach and raise children, chickens and pukekos galore.

Since coming to Tauranga I have added wet felting and other craft to my passions and have started to exhibit my paintings at festivals and galleries.

My desire is to keep experimenting and discovering which invariably results in ever-changing styles and expressions. My latest series has been exploring the concept of viewing the world from different perspectives. Up above, inside out and down below.

I am interested in the effects of nature and the journey water makes, marbling, dribbling, changing and carrying life. Our beautiful natural world up close, snaking away under a microscope, viewed from high up above or seen long ago in a rock face.Coming soon...

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Celebration Of Old by Lisa Darlington


Rabbit watching by Lisa Darlington


Birds Of A Feather by Lisa Darlington


Blossomed Early 3 by Lisa Darlington


Blossomed Early 2 by Lisa Darlington


Blossomed Early 1 by Lisa Darlington


Royal 1 by Lisa Darlington


Royal 2 by Lisa Darlington


Royal 3 by Lisa Darlington


Aqua 1 by Lisa Darlington


Aqua2 by Lisa Darlington


Aqua 3 by Lisa Darlington


Down under by Lisa Darlington


Epic by Lisa Darlington


Swell by Lisa Darlington


Serenity by Lisa Darlington


Fusion by Lisa Darlington


Drip and Dabbles by Lisa Darlington


Ebbs and Weaves by Lisa Darlington


Tiki swim by Lisa Darlington


Soul life by Lisa Darlington


Riomaggiore 2 by Lisa Darlington


Clinging on for dear life by Lisa Darlington


Riomaggiore by Lisa Darlington

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