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Lisa Evans

Ozark, MO - United States








Lisa Evans

Ozark, MO - United States

Lisa Evans - Fine Artist

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About Lisa Evans name is Lisa and I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor. I live in the small town of Ozark in Missouri. Its in between Branson and Springfield. I am 43 years old and have been married for 26 years. I have a 24 year old daughter and a 19 year old son. I also have 2 beautiful grand daughters. One is 3 years old and the other is 1 year old.

I have been doing photography for over 19 years. In the last 10 I've been doing portrait and wedding photography to earn a little extra money. I dont have a everything I do is either outside or in a wedding chapel.

My passion is the artistic side of photography. I dont have a one track mind as to the style of photos I like to take. Its just one of those things, if something catches my eye thats either different, beautiful, creepy, cute or just plain ordinary....I'll snap a photo of it. Now we also have the advantage of being able to turn things up a little in photography by having the most awesome software around....Photoshop. I have created so many different things with this software including enhancing images that a camera actually sees but cannot capture.

I do LOVE black and white photos. I do love taking pictures of unique things. However, I have now found a new love on top of taking photos, and that is Photo Manipulation. I cant get enough of it. I'm so addicted to it. My imagination can take me to a place where no camera can go. The details that I can create. The color, the texture. Its an endless possibility. With that said, I just want share my creations with everyone. The dynamic the software offers allow me to go beyond my photography skills. Photo Manipulation is very popular, but I have found that there is not one single person that can create the exact same image in Photo Manipulation. That is what I love about it. You can start a photo and it can end up completely different then you expected it to. I surprise myself after every image I create. Photo Manipulation is a creation of several different images cut, pasted and moved to create an image all rolled into one. Think of it as a collage. You cut out images out of a magazine, a book or a newspaper, paste them onto a poster board...and the finished product is almost better then a snapshot of....well...anything.

I do not have any rhyme or reason as to each image I have created. But I'm really excited about my work getting out there. I cant wait to share them with everyone. I hope you all enjoy looking at them or buying them as much as I have....creating them.

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