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Liz Pizzo

Cumming, GA - United States








Liz Pizzo

Cumming, GA - United States

Liz Pizzo - Fine Artist

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About Liz Pizzo

'Mrs. Pizzo was born in Monmouth, NJ, and grew up on New York's Long Island. She started her racing career in 1969 and later worked for numerous trainers in the Chicago area including Racing Hall of Fame Sidney Watters Jr., Leroy Jolley, and Frank Martin. She had met her husband, trainer Peter S. Pizzo, in the track kitchen at Sportsman's Park in 1975. They married the next year and worked together with horses throughout Chicago, Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, New York and North Carolina. She travelled to Chantilly, France as a young woman, eager to learn how to ride racehorses. As one of the few females there, she quickly became respected by her peers and could ride the horses that the best boys couldn't. She retired as an exercise rider in 2001 and dedicated herself to her art.' Tom Law, Thoroughbred Times, June 2009

'Liz was my mother and one of my best friends. I miss her immensely, but I feel her with me all the time--her spirit and her memory remain an inspiration in my life. I have become increasingly aware of the impact she made on others, from her family and friends to her co-workers and patrons of her art (who quickly became her friends, as well). Her art expresses a profound love for horses and a first-hand knowledge of their athleticism and grace. As a horsewoman, she was blessed with 'golden hands'--hands that embodied her connection to the horses she rode and cared for. As an artist, her golden hands painted us images that endure with a beauty and playfulness to resonate with the joy we find in horses and in life. My father, Pete, and I are so happy to share Liz's artwork with you.'
Madeline Pizzo

'I personally met Liz Pizzo at the 2009 Rolex****3-Day Event Trade Show and was just enamored with her work. The beautiful dancing horses displayed on glassware, tiles, ornaments, note cards, and canvas nearly took my breath away as my son and I eagerly started chatting with her. I was getting all these ideas in a brainstorm of how she could sell her work. I gave her my wine glass order and eagerly looked forward to doing future business with her. Naturally, I was dismayed to hear of her untimely death just weeks later, and as I gave my condolences to the Pizzo Family, expressed interest in continuing to help share her work. Therefore, this site is the platform giving her wonderful art a continued voice, and represents the passion for her work and life she shared while with us. Please enjoy as I did, as the first impression had me stopped in my tracks.'
---Sincerely, Liz Molloy

'Lizbeth R. Levinson Pizzo, a former exercise rider who worked for some of Thoroughbred Racing's most prominent trainers, died unexpectedly after an accident near her home May 2009 at the age of 57. She had more recently been known for her equine art, and had begun painting about seven years ago. She supplied her art locally to the Rolex**** 3-Day Event and other horse shows around Lexington, KY.'

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Baroque Tressauter by Liz Pizzo


Firey Chestnut by Liz Pizzo


Cave Art by Liz Pizzo


The Firey Friesians by Liz Pizzo


Le Gris Cheval by Liz Pizzo


Pas de Deux by Liz Pizzo


Galop en Rouge by Liz Pizzo


Tressauter en Bleu by Liz Pizzo


Dancing Spanish Horses by Liz Pizzo


The Frisian by Liz Pizzo


The Grays in the Night by Liz Pizzo


The Frolic by Liz Pizzo


The Grays by Liz Pizzo


Friesian No. 1 by Liz Pizzo


Freisian No.2 by Liz Pizzo


Freisian No.3 by Liz Pizzo


Holiday Bay by Liz Pizzo


Holiday Gray by Liz Pizzo


Holiday Palomino by Liz Pizzo


The Herd No. 2 by Liz Pizzo


The Herd by Liz Pizzo


Dressage Trot by Liz Pizzo


Vaulting by Liz Pizzo


Tally Ho Fox Hunt by Liz Pizzo

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