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Lizzy Love

Cottam, ON - Canada








Lizzy Love

Cottam, ON - Canada

Lizzy Love - Fine Artist

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About Lizzy Love

I have always loved the stranger, quirkier side of life and nothing brings me more joy then creating exactly that! My art is described as a perfect combination of sweet and sour that glitters up the grunge! As a lover of all things whimsical, kawaii and creepy cute, I like to throw in some bubblegum Goth with a touch of glam, punk & rockabilly pinup!

I have certainly never been a mainstream type of girl and definitely won't fit into your stereotypical cookie cutter artists role. I rather find beauty in the truly unique, big eyed creepy little cuties with a bittersweet sadness. I am never truly happier then when I am in my art studio painting or sewing, creating a whimsical dream world easily recognizable as my signature style of creepy yet cute, all the way from the haunting darkness to the rainbowtastic, my creations are lovingly sprinkled with a heartbreaking sweetness.

Growing up a child of the 80's, pop rocks princess, with an extreme fondness for anything candy coated, Kawaii Kitten & Ziggy Stardust, all of which had a major influence in the work that I am creating today. I employ many different mediums when I create, anything from painting with acrylics, watercolors and ink to sewing with many different textiles, the end result always being the same; A whimsical dream world filled with big eyed beauties, creepy little cuties and quirky monsters of all shapes and sizes.

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Starla Jones the 3rd Intergalactic Star Jumper by Oddball Art Co by Lizzy Love


Olive and Eedee the Geek Octopus by Lizzy Love


Spookette Lil Devil and Misery by Lizzy Love


Sully Goodtimes Seeker by Lizzy Love


Tangled by Lizzy Love


A Spookison Merry Creepmas by Lizzy Love


Suzie Sleeps Alot Right Thru Christmas by Lizzy Love


Snowman Serenade by Lizzy Love


An Oddie Merry Christmas by Lizzy Love


Bah Humbug by Lizzy Love


Here Comes Zombigale by Lizzy Love


If Santa Doesn't Come by Lizzy Love


Ellie the Elf by Lizzy Love


A Rudolph Creepmas by Lizzy Love


Rainy Wednesday by Lizzy Love


Free Smiles by Lizzy Love


Just Be by Lizzy Love


Panda Puffalump by Lizzy Love


A Helping Hand by Lizzy Love


Zombie Dance Party by Lizzy Love


Rain Brain by Lizzy Love


Late Night Visit by Lizzy Love


Zombiemania 1 by Lizzy Love


Zombiemania 2 by Lizzy Love

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