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LJ Newlin

Green Valley Lake, CA - United States








LJ Newlin

Green Valley Lake, CA - United States

LJ Newlin - Fine Artist

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About LJ Newlin

I was born in Jamestown, New York and I am currently living in Southern California with my husband Doug and our dog and two cats.

In 1992, I started portrait drawings after having the misfortune of working in a bank that was held up twice in forty-five days. The second robbery was a violent takeover. My adventure in drawing was my way to keep in touch with those things in this world that make life worthwhile, those things that illustrate the glory of God. I began my pursuit of writing shortly after my father, Donald V. Gustafson, died.

Here I found a way to express my emotions through various characters in stories. Grieving is a process, which is different for each individual who must labor through it. Whether I was faced with the grief of the
loss of my security in the workplace, facing the terror of the possibility of the loss of my own life, or the actual loss of a loved one, I have chosen to take what I consider the most positive and constructive course toward my own healing, this being through painting and writing.

I hope you enjoy the end product of my journey.

For samples and links to my writing please go to http://ljnewlin.blogspot.com/

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The Twins by LJ Newlin


Green Valley Lake Boat House by LJ Newlin


Rock Croppings GVL Road by LJ Newlin


St Elmo Farm House by LJ Newlin


Fall Storm by LJ Newlin


Crescent City CA by LJ Newlin


Gettysberg Brownstones by LJ Newlin


GVL Boat House by LJ Newlin


Green Valley Lake Church by LJ Newlin


GVL Boaters by LJ Newlin


Quaint Window by LJ Newlin


Row Boats by LJ Newlin


Wash Before Entering by LJ Newlin


The New Puppy by LJ Newlin


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Toothless by LJ Newlin


Sunday Comics by LJ Newlin


Number One Star by LJ Newlin


Ry Rocker by LJ Newlin


Just Born by LJ Newlin


Laura's Boy 2 by LJ Newlin


Princess Quinn by LJ Newlin


Joyce in Florida 1947 by LJ Newlin


Laura's Boy by LJ Newlin

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