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Lorraine Toler

Tacoma, WA - United States








Lorraine Toler

Tacoma, WA - United States

Lorraine Toler - Fine Artist

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About Lorraine Toler

Lorraine Toler is an artist from Tacoma Washington and studied art at Washington State University.

Toler's art work is a form of storytelling. The artist tells documents the history and culture of Korea through her paintings. The artists mother Kim Okchun was from North Korea. She and her younger brother were sent away to escape the atrocities of Japanese colonial occupation and pending division of the peninsula. During their journey, they became separated. Okchun made it safely to South Korea and eventually came to the United States. She had the chance of a bright future, but had nothing from her past. Not a picture, not a letter only memory. Kim passed her stories down to her daughter before she died and Toler shares these stories through paintings.

The artist states 'It is my goal to educate and inspire conversation about a history that I was initially taught very little. I wish to put a human face on historical events, with a focus on human dignity. Even though much of my work takes a historical look at the atrocities on the Korean peninsula during the last century including violations of basic human rights experienced by my own family and many others'.

Lorraine Toler also paints images of her beloved gritty Tacoma, Buddha, animals and flowers.

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