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Louis Copper

Evanston, IL - United States








Louis Copper

Evanston, IL - United States

Louis Copper - Fine Artist

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About Louis Copper


Making Glass Studio, Highland Park, IL 2005-2006
- kiln casting
- glass survey
- slumping and fusing Instuctor: Holly Wolf-Mattick
Clinard Sculpture Studio 2006 Instructor: Susan Clinard
- portrait class
- patina class
Ed Hoy, International 2008
- advanced fused bowls Instructor: Patty Gray
- faceted dichroic sculpture Instructor: Kent Laur
- glass casting Instuctor: Michael Dupille
- Fritography Instructor: Michael Dupille
- Lost wax for kiln cast glass Instructor: Linda Ethier


Being an artist in fused and kiln-cast glass is my second career. I first encountered glass fusing at a hands-on studio in Door County, WI in 2003. I loved it, and have dreamed of having my own studio and glass making equipment. I bought my first kiln in October, 2005. I opened Luminance Studio in September, 2006.


No other medium comes close to glass in terms of potential expression. It is, at the same moment, both sharp and flowing, fragile and strong, transparent and opaque. It has vibrancy of color and interaction with light like no other material. It is one of the oldest known man-made materials, and has been used for centuries to produce 'functional art' vessels and decorations by artisans around the world.

My first goal is to learn, develop and share the techniques necessary to express my vision for a piece as it appears in my mind's eye. That is, to become enough of a master with glass and sculpture to bring my creative ideas to life.

I lived and worked many years as a scientist. There is great beauty and awe in science that many people never experience because of the jargon and complexity in which it is cloaked. My second goal is to unmask that beauty, and to bring its essence to light in a way that everyone can see and appreciate.

Sculpture can invoke powerful and visceral feelings about being human. My last goal, and biggest challenge, is to draw out for others some of these feelings using the medium and unique properties of glass.


2008 - Deerfield, IL Festival of Fine Art
- Evanston, IL Custer's Last Stand Festival of the Arts
- Northbrook, IL Art in the Park - Northbrook
2007 - Skokie Art Guild, Skokie, IL 46th Annual Art Fair
- Highwood, IL 1st Annual Fine Art Festival
- Oak Park Women's Exchange, Oak Park, IL 33rd Annual Holiday Art and Craft Fair
- AMIT, Skokie, IL Chanukah Boutique and fund raiser


8/07 to 5/08 Black Walnut Gallery - Chicago, IL

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