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Lucille Femine

Nashville, TN - United States








Lucille Femine

Nashville, TN - United States

Lucille Femine - Fine Artist

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About Lucille Femine

When I was twelve, I knew for certain I was a painter, as sure as I knew my name. As a result, I badgered anyone I could into sitting for me since I enjoyed drawing people the most.

At first I was somewhat too honest in my rendering of subjects – one time, a woman got up in a huff, threw the portrait at me and said, “That’s terrible!” It looked just like her, as everyone told me, but that’s what she objected to. So I learned to be as flattering as I could.

In my late teens, I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, expecting to learn some basic drawing and painting but that was a crazy era of abstract painting and incomprehensible “art plays”. I got bored with abstracts, to me they were like glorified wallpaper and today I still find little to admire about them except some interesting design. But for me, there’s no emotional experience, a most vital ingredient in a painting.

Soon after, I discovered the Impressionists and post-Impressionists and I’ve been in love and faithful ever since. My favorite is Edward Hopper.

In college, one of my teachers was very impressed with my work and got me a scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum Art School. But I never took well to art schools, preferring to learn myself – except for one class in drawing I will never forget. It was at the New School in New York; this teacher taught me everything I know about drawing.

After that, I was busy raising four children and painted once in a while, mostly hand-made Christmas cards.

About fifteen years ago, I thought – this itch to paint will never go away. So I started again and for the most part, I taught myself except for a few binges of studying how-to books on painting, very helpful in learning some basics. I’ve been painting ever since.

My first sale was at a group show in 1996, a painting which sold for $1750. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and very encouraged to continue.

After that, I sold originals to dentists and had several shows, including juried shows in Greenwich Village and Hoboken, New Jersey. I’ve sold quite a bit to private collectors and interior designers.

I illustrated many greeting cards for a writer as well as my own and sold many to stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York and at shows.

I’ve relocated to Nashville where I paint more scenes and people. However, my first love is still New York City scenes.

Thank you for looking at my work.

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Fountain in the Fall by Lucille Femine


Woman with Bread by Lucille Femine


Boy with Baloons by Lucille Femine


Free Enterprise by Lucille Femine


Cranberry Street Brooklyn Heights by Lucille Femine


Wollman Skating Rink NYC by Lucille Femine


Hazy Summer Day by Lucille Femine


Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights by Lucille Femine


Pink Tree in Jersey City by Lucille Femine


Waterfall in Nolensville TN by Lucille Femine


The Dubliner by Lucille Femine


The Parthenon in Nashville by Lucille Femine


Hoboken Windows by Lucille Femine


Inviting Old House in Jersey City by Lucille Femine


Brownstones Jersey City by Lucille Femine


The Plaza New York by Lucille Femine


Woman at the Farmer's Market by Lucille Femine


Jersey City Houses by Lucille Femine


Snow in West New York by Lucille Femine


Wall Street by the Church by Lucille Femine


Enjoying the Fountain by Lucille Femine


Birds Washing in NJ by Lucille Femine


Cottage Philly by Lucille Femine


Hoboken Light by Lucille Femine

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