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Lucy D

Sofia, Sofia - Bulgaria

Lucy D - Fine Artist

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About Lucy D

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All the artwork on this website is copyright by Lucy D. with all rights reserved. None of the work posted by Lucy D. on this website or elsewhere on the Internet should be used without the artist's written permission.

Lyuboslava Dimitrova, also known as Lucy D., is one of the youngest members of the world's art community. Coming from the small European country of Bulgaria, her passion for art was originally triggered by the amazing beauty and charm of the Bulgarian nature. Lucy's love for nature and all its creations was the factor that made her so passionate about art as well, making her realize that she had finally found a way to express herself and show her admiration for the natural world at the same time.

Lucy specialises in drawing animal and wildlife pictures and has spent a lot of time on every one of the pieces posted on this website. 'I love paying attention to the smallest details, which lets me have a more careful, closer look at the animal I'm drawing, making me understand its beauty better. I love observing things and do my best to capture the spirit of the animal in every picture I draw. I do not draw people, although I am considering it for the future.'

Lucy also does some photography in her free time. 'I love being in the wild and observing the life around me, in all its shapes and sizes. My aim is to share what I see, to show everyone who sees my photographs, just how stunning the natural world is, from the smallest raindrop to the fascinating mountain rivers.'

'I recently found out that art can be used for good too. I use my art to raise funds for causes that matter to me, like saving the unique wildlife of the Galapagos islands, or helping the stray dogs in Bulgaria. I donate a percentage of the cost of every picture I sell, to a charity that is struggling for funds. I have also had my artwork exhibited in local venues.'

To contact me - use the Contact option on my website, or feel free to directly email me at

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I started drawing animals somewhere around three years ago and making animal portraits has been my biggest passion since then. Capturing as many details as possible and expressing the personality of each animal I draw is the ultimate purpose of all my work. No matter if my inspiration is a wild animal or someone's pet, drawing gives me the chance to better know and understand the animal, to have a more detailed look at his/her personality. All originals are for sale. Also, I do commissions, so if you want a portrait of your beloved pet, do not hesitate to contact me for more details. A percentage of the cost goes to Darwin Animal Doctors and Bulgaria Animal Protection.

Lucy D - Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible by Lucy D

Lucy D - Fly Away

Fly Away by Lucy D

Lucy D - Eagle

Eagle by Lucy D

Lucy D - Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise by Lucy D

Lucy D - Dolphins

Dolphins by Lucy D

Lucy D - Blue-footed Boobies

Blue-footed Boobies by Lucy D

Lucy D - Elephant

Elephant by Lucy D

Lucy D - Save Me

Save Me by Lucy D

Lucy D - Badgers

Badgers by Lucy D

Lucy D - Lions

Lions by Lucy D

Lucy D - Owl

Owl by Lucy D


Lucy D - Aye-aye

Aye-aye by Lucy D

Lucy D - Whale

Whale by Lucy D

Lucy D - Bat

Bat by Lucy D


Lucy D - Howl

Howl by Lucy D

Lucy D - Fox

Fox by Lucy D


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