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Lynda Payton

Alexandria, VA - United States








Lynda Payton

Alexandria, VA - United States

Lynda Payton - Fine Artist

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About Lynda Payton

For as long as I can remember my life has centered around art, from the love of music to the world of dance and the drive to create and participate in those art forms. There is an aesthetic experience that occurs when a personal moment with a viewer interacts. Pencil and watercolor were the mediums I was first introduced when I started creating art of the outer world. Computer technology has afforded me the opportunity to use the widely available tools to render my creative inner world.

Today, my “tranphotodigital” work is abstract portraiture and graphic works that in employ traditional photographic media pared with the benefit of digital technology. I orchestrate the visual components using a variety of techniques and programs by uploading digital photographs, computer imagery and 3-D sculpting.
My heart, mind and soul are devoted to creating the final abstract image.

I’ve heard it said that an artists responsibility is to be a mirror for the society in which he lives. Life can be stressful, chaotic and downright overwhelming. I create artwork that presents the viewer with the opportunity lo look at life the way it is or was and embrace it in it entirety. It pulls at the memory of its viewer by provoking them to draw from their memories a place, a time a moment that they can connect, which creates joy from the memories stored within their soul and heart.

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Piano Man Abstact by Lynda Payton


About That Bass by Lynda Payton


New Orleans Violin by Lynda Payton


New Orleans Trumpet by Lynda Payton


Ballet by Lynda Payton


New Orleans Mask by Lynda Payton


London Cityscape by Lynda Payton


Forever Chicago by Lynda Payton


Miami Cityscape by Lynda Payton


San Diego Night by Lynda Payton


San Fran 3 by Lynda Payton


New Orleans by Lynda Payton


San Fran 2 by Lynda Payton


San Francisco 1 by Lynda Payton


Martin Luther King Jr. by Lynda Payton


Abstract Butterfly 3 by Lynda Payton


Astract Butterfly 4 by Lynda Payton


Abstract Butterfly 1 by Lynda Payton


Misty by Lynda Payton


Misty Fire by Lynda Payton


Misty Shoes by Lynda Payton


African Queen by Lynda Payton


Watercolors Sax by Lynda Payton


Black and White Cantaloupe Abstract by Lynda Payton

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