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Lynda Stevens

Budapest, Budapest - Hungary








Lynda Stevens

Budapest, Budapest - Hungary

Lynda Stevens - Fine Artist

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About Lynda Stevens

I live and work in Budapest Hungary, though I was born in the UK. As an artist, I am mainly self-taught and it was always my aim to let images and impressions from within come more or less spontaneously. For me, the whole process has always represented a kind of 'soul work.'

My most recent exhibition took place on the 12th September at the Ékezet Galéria, at Hajos Utca 41 Budapest and was titled 'Golden Topographies.'

Currently I also have a small number of pieces being shown at different exhibitions through The Ferdinand Galéria at the Szimpla Kert or at other venues of theirs. I have also exhibited via, which has its own online community, and via Intergaléria, which is currently organising a travelling auction exhibition titled 'A Duna - Az Jön.' In 2009 I had a solo exhibition at The Mansfeld Gallery, in Csepel, Budapest.

I also regularly participate in the Sketchbook Project, based in Brooklyn New York and have four sketchbooks submitted to this venture so far, two of which can be viewed here:[theme_id]=&country=Hungary&city=Budapest&province=&state=&commit=Search

Whilst in Coventry England in the late 80's early 90s, I exhibited regularly with an assorted group of artists called the 'Dream Illustrators' based near the city centre, as well as putting on solo exhibitions. I also lived in Brighton from 1994-1996 and exhibited with a gallery called the Bear Cave.

I work mainly with mixed-media pieces on board using an array of material ranging from glass fragments, fabric pieces and wax. I am fascinated by materials that reflect and use a lot of golds, silvers and luminescents against matt backgrounds. More recently, I have sent two sketchbooks toThe Sketchbook Project, viewable at Brooklyn Art Library, in which I have experimented furtherwith this technique and developed further ideas in my work at home.

My larger pieces shown here make use of materials ranging from wax, polystyrene, gypsum plaster, metal foil, textile fragments, bandages and broken glass fragments, painted allall over wih acrylics, conrasting matt against luminescent and reflective surfaces - perhaps adding more than one layer, for greater complexity..

I also make mixed-media paper collages, again usually in A4 size. In these, I tend to employ a bastardised marbling technique for the background and then work into each composition using ink pen, gel pens, metal flakes and fragments of other paper, or materials with either holographic or luminescent surfaces.

My website is at

I have also designed a full colour 78-deck of Tarot cards, which has been published in a limited edition my Adam Mc Clean. Please check out the Tarot section on my website as shown here: for more information about these. I have no immediate plans to reproduce images of any of my card designs here, but would be happy to do this, if requested. The Pack in any case can be ordered via Gamecrafter, at

All images and writing are copyright © LyndaStevens.. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images or written works without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

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Mother-of-pearl and pink on gold surface by Lynda Stevens


Wax columns on opal surface by Lynda Stevens


Gold Columns on Opal Background by Lynda Stevens


In defiance of Lava by Lynda Stevens


Sunken Columns by Lynda Stevens


Nude from behind by Lynda Stevens


Baroque Columns on Green Surface by Lynda Stevens


White Fans on Gold Surface by Lynda Stevens


Scratch the surface.... by Lynda Stevens


Silver Surface Eroding and Tarnishing by Lynda Stevens


Blue Spark on Gold by Lynda Stevens


Debris by Lynda Stevens


Streaming by Lynda Stevens


Leakage by Lynda Stevens


Columns and order rendered into sea of chaos by Lynda Stevens


Cooling lava on gold surface by Lynda Stevens


Eroded gold surface by Lynda Stevens


Erosion by Lynda Stevens


Vortex on Red by Lynda Stevens


Carnival time by Lynda Stevens


female Nude seen sideways sitting on chair by Lynda Stevens


Nude sitting on floor next to chair by Lynda Stevens


Large Nude sitting in armchair by Lynda Stevens


Speeding Neon City Lights at Twilght by Lynda Stevens


Male nude standing with back to us by Lynda Stevens


Male nude sitting by Lynda Stevens


Nude lying down with arms crossed by Lynda Stevens


Female Nude Lying down by Lynda Stevens


Male nude standing by Lynda Stevens


Jewelled Darkness by Lynda Stevens


Craters and Pools of Lava by Lynda Stevens


Flourescent Red by Lynda Stevens


Going Going Gone by Lynda Stevens


White Reflection by Lynda Stevens


Royal Blue Stain by Lynda Stevens


Female Nude sitting on chair by Lynda Stevens


Nude sitting by Lynda Stevens


Nude lying down by Lynda Stevens


Disappearing Columns by Lynda Stevens


Let the Light In by Lynda Stevens


Clearance by Lynda Stevens


Shadows in Purple by Lynda Stevens


Strawberry Fields by Lynda Stevens


Primrose and the return of light by Lynda Stevens


Colour Vortex on Grey by Lynda Stevens


Orange spectrum nautilus by Lynda Stevens


Semi nude woman sitting by Lynda Stevens


Female nude sitting by Lynda Stevens

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