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Lynn Nadal

Vancouver, WA - United States








Lynn Nadal

Vancouver, WA - United States

Lynn Nadal - Fine Artist

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About Lynn Nadal

'A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts.'
Sir Joshua Reynolds

For me, art is a chance to stand back from the usual business of daily life. The concept of “flow” in psychology is a state of positive, energized involvement and focus. This state of flow and the puzzle of combining images, textures, line, and color are the reasons I do my art.
Images add an extra layer of meaning to my work. Red dogs, flying fish, animated furniture, and birds are all frequent personal symbols. My black birds are not dark omens, but unpredictable “tricksters’ in the style of Native American storytellers. The red dogs are watchdogs reminding me to pay attention to the present, rather than worrying about the past or future. My images reflect the many levels of dreams, imagination, and waking life we inhabit through a day.
I work in acrylic paint, enamel paint, paper “mosaics”, collage, and colored pencil. I use both large heavy watercolor papers and smaller artist boards. I always plan a piece of art, but that plan changes as I work. I always have several different pieces I am working on at one time. If I get “stuck” on one piece, I put it aside for a few days and work on something else.

My blog is located at

I hope you enjoy my art!

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