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Lynn Wartski

Hillsborough, NC - United States








Lynn Wartski

Hillsborough, NC - United States

Lynn Wartski - Fine Artist

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About Lynn Wartski

I work in copper and glass, forming these materials into mainly representational sculpture. Most often my designs are botanical or fanciful motifs. Rather than wishing to convey any specific message, I work to evoke appreciation of form or enjoyable surprise in the viewer.

I borrow from numerous metal and glass working disciplines to achieve a desired form. I find that being primarily self-taught can help to free one to look for tools and techniques from a wide variety of sources. I may call upon methods as widely varying as jewelry making and auto body repair within the same piece.

I use mainly hand tools to cut, shape, shrink, and stretch metal. Repousse and chasing methods are used to add dimension and detail to surfaces. Metal is joined to metal or glass by welding, brazing, soldering, and art glass techniques. I treat the outer surfaces of my work as a potter may utilize glazing. For some the natural beauty of the copper is sealed, for others I use a selection of materials that produce planned patina effects, but most I leave to naturally age and patina.

Appreciation of nature and a background in environmental biology feed into my more botanical themes. My more whimsical forms are lighthearted, and just plain fun to create. It was an early commission that led me to focus on copper and glass. I enjoy the challenges that each present me as an artist. These materials lend themselves to both outdoor and indoor settings, and my work has often found a home in both.

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