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Mada Lina

Cluj Napoca - Romania








Mada Lina

Cluj Napoca - Romania

Mada Lina - Fine Artist

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About Mada Lina

I have started drawing at the age of two (1977) and used art as a way to express myself even when life left me speechless.

I am a self-taught artist loving everything about art.

I have graduated High School in Maths & Physics (I used to draw all kind of things on the exercise books of Physics just to make it more interesting... )

I have graduated with success in 2003 the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania (, where I had to make real efforts to draw and paint at an academic level as my fellow students studied drawing even since Primary School.

I made works in the following techniques> Photography, Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Graphic Design, Etching, Dry point, Sketches, Religious Icons, Monumental Painting etc.

I am a Graphic Designer at the moment, with 8 years of experience (2004-2012), working in Photoshop, Corel and animation programs.

I draw whenever I find subjects and take photos mostly (I think I have tones of them, some of them made at the beginning with a manual old camera....not developed yet)

In order to combine art with the exact science of Graphic Design I began creating Digital Art. I mostly like to combine drawings and photos with digital technique.

I also love color and everything that brings music to our soul.

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Branches by Mada Lina


Autumn forest by Mada Lina


Fallen tree by Mada Lina


Winter melancholy by Mada Lina


Spring by Mada Lina


Balcony-Escher by Mada Lina


Violin nude by Mada Lina


Asian look by Mada Lina


Don t be upset by Mada Lina


Passion of music-detail by Mada Lina


Hills cross - detail by Mada Lina


Hills cross- detail by Mada Lina


Hills cross - detail by Mada Lina


Church by Mada Lina


Silos by Mada Lina


Over the hills by Mada Lina


Black winter hill by Mada Lina


Hills by Mada Lina


Hills cross by Mada Lina


Dialog by Mada Lina


Autumn color delight by Mada Lina


Summer Sun by Mada Lina


Garden labirinth by Mada Lina


Street Heat by Mada Lina

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   |   Images = 52





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