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Maggie Cabral

Montrose, CA - United States








Maggie Cabral

Montrose, CA - United States

Maggie Cabral - Fine Artist

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About Maggie Cabral

I've always been creative. I've loved drawing, painting and sculpting from a young age. I mostly focused on Abstract Art in college then spent a semester in Spain where I developed a love for Realist Art. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Spanish in Secondary Education. I taught at the High School level and worked as a substitute teacher then at a number of other jobs. I continued to paint throughout that time joining local Art Associations and participating in local art shows. Acrylics soon became my preferred medium due to their ability to mix with water and dry quickly. I often strive to capture “mood” and a sense of tranquility in my paintings. My paintings have often been described as having a sense of “romance, mystery and a serene quality” about them. My landscapes and seascapes reflect my love of nature. I try to communicate my inner vision' and to evoke a contemplative state. I enjoy diversity and exploring different styles and techniques in order to challenge and stretch my potential. I recently created a series of paintings I like to call 'pop portraits' using bold colors and simple shapes. One of the key concepts is eliminating unnecessary details and getting down to the most essential elements while capturing a likeness to each individual.I create Art to inspire, promote and reflect the beauty in the simple things; the moments, people, or places that surround us every day yet often seem to go unnoticed.I believe that Art celebrates the joy in life. I hope to bring that sense of joy and appreciation to others through my art. I hope you'll enjoy browsing through my work and let me know what you think

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Cafe at Sunrise by Maggie Cabral


Four Pears and a Plate by Maggie Cabral


The Hair-Wreath Vendor by Maggie Cabral


The Great White Hut-food stand by Maggie Cabral


Foreign Exchange Student by Maggie Cabral


On the Road-The Deftones-Jay by Maggie Cabral


Portrait of a Selfie by Maggie Cabral


NYPD Highway Patrol in Chopper by Maggie Cabral


Amanda by Maggie Cabral


Marc Relaxing by Maggie Cabral


Melissa in blue by Maggie Cabral


Nicole in Blue by Maggie Cabral


Fabienne OB1 by Maggie Cabral


Dominoes with Grandpa by Maggie Cabral


Ny The Big Apple by Maggie Cabral


Words have Power by Maggie Cabral


Mesmer by Maggie Cabral


United Artist Theater Montrose Ca. by Maggie Cabral


Lemons and Garlic by Maggie Cabral


Apples and Pitcher by Maggie Cabral


Books and Chinese Jars by Maggie Cabral


Vase and Pearls by Maggie Cabral


A Solo Rehearsal by Maggie Cabral


Contemplation by Maggie Cabral

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