Mantra Y - Fine Artist

Mantra Y

Richmond, VA - United States








Mantra Y

Richmond, VA - United States

Mantra Y - Fine Artist

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August 30th, 2012







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About Mantra Y

i have always been surrounded with an arty atmosphere..
surrounded with paints, colored water pots..brushes dripping of paints..
surrounded with passion for design..
it was easy for me to start loving it...making it my hobby..and then my profession..
My biggest inspirations are my mom n dad .. both artists with different and unique styles..
i love painting...oil, acrylic and poster colors are more or less my favorites..

i enjoy wht i do.. I have tried my hands on a lot of mediums and settled with paints for now and forever....
i get motivated with a new challenge with a blank canvas i can paint on...
bigger the canvas better...the more messy i get the more fun i have :)
its something like getting involved and having fun!

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