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Maggie Cruser

San Francisco, Ca - United States








Maggie Cruser

San Francisco, Ca - United States

Maggie Cruser - Fine Artist

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About Maggie Cruser

To me a picture is like a fingerprint or a snowflake, none are the same but they are all connected. Some say raw nature in its most natural state makes the most beautiful pictures.

I believe all pictures record history whether it is in showing what we need to preserve, enjoy or savor. In other words, savor the rawness of the west.

I WANT TO SHOW YOU MULITI CLIMATE AREAS OF CALIFORNIA; Landscapes, Seascapes, Woodlands & High Plain Deserts. Places and things of interest to me and hopefully to you the viewer of these stories. With each picture there is a small story, which Iíll be glad to share with you. Please contact me at Let me warn you it's a work in progress please excuse the construction.

I offer each picture in a few different mediums:
Photography in color, black & white, antique grey, antique brown & sepia. And in different imaginary hues of color. Please investigate my website:

I also offer an assortment of my prints on lithograph paper 36 x 24 Numbered and signed. (rolled)

I sign my work and I limit each piece to 500 in every category.

Please click on my galleriesí and below and enjoy.
Painted Glass Originals will be available in January 09 and you can always e-mail me if your looking for something in particular (going to the desert in Feb for blooms) keeps you posted on this incredible adventure.


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grounds of the Lourve by Maggie Cruser


Civil Rights Mural Derry 6 by Maggie Cruser


Shades Of green by Maggie Cruser


Derry Mural 3 by Maggie Cruser


derry Mural 5 by Maggie Cruser


Shop To You Drop by Maggie Cruser


Around The Corner by Maggie Cruser


Just Around The Corner by Maggie Cruser


Water Taxi by Maggie Cruser


Eiffel Tower by Maggie Cruser


Louvre Secret Entrance by Maggie Cruser


Notre Dame by Maggie Cruser


My Rock Garden by Maggie Cruser


Faces on the Bridge by Maggie Cruser


Gondola Racing Anyone by Maggie Cruser


Versailles Garden Entrance by Maggie Cruser


Gardens of Versailles by Maggie Cruser


Northern Ireland Church by Maggie Cruser


Country Harvest Store by Maggie Cruser


Hills And Dales by Maggie Cruser


Place Versailles Gardens by Maggie Cruser


northern Ireland heather hu by Maggie Cruser


40 shades of green Ireland by Maggie Cruser


Downtown by Maggie Cruser

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