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Margaret Sarantis

Sacramento, CA - United States








Margaret Sarantis

Sacramento, CA - United States

Margaret Sarantis - Fine Artist

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About Margaret Sarantis

Gosh. What to sayÖ This feels like a blind date. Well, Iím a Geminii who loves butterflies and puppies and anything pink. Uh, I donít think so.

The truth is Iím happy that you decided to visit my website because I really love creating art and I want to share my work with others because I plan to be rich and famous very soon and I promise to never forget the little people who paved my way by buying my amazingly unique ďI canít live without itĒ creations.

Okay, okay, Iíll get serious. I am a Sacramento artist and art instructor. Iíve been painting for about 11 years. I started out as a watercolor purist, but have evolved and blossomed along the way, so now Iím proud to say I have added collage, acrylic, bookbinding and sculpture into the mix.

My inspiration comes from anything from a cool picture in a magazine to a crooked old tree to a fragile dream fragment. I love the creepy and bizarre, the magic of fantasy and possibility, and the surprise that comes with creating. When I start a new project, I rarely know what the end result will be. Sometimes I donít know when to stop, I just keep going, and going, and goingÖ

Iím attracted to bold, vibrant colors as you will see in many of my paintings. I love the rhythym and surprise that watercolor produces as it flows onto the paper, mixing and interacting with other colors. Watercolor creates unexpected results on the paper that help me grow as a human because I have to ďgo with the flowĒ. I start with random splashes of color and merging hues, and then find the Ďstoryí in the paint.

I relish the tactile aspect of clay, and making my Grimsicals and masks is my first love these days.

I am owned by two little boys who also like to paint and sculpt and create. Theyíre always asking me to make Storm Trooper belts or aviator helmets and guns, so itís lucky Iím creative (and duct tape is a household necessity).

I also enjoy sharing my creative side through art classes, workshops, and seminars where I teach classes in journaling, SoulCollage(R) and mixed media. I also subject small children to my love and knowledge of art by volunteering with the San Juan Schools Art Docent Program.

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